Cafe Passport ’12 – Entry 14

OK, 2 of 3, here we go.

Poor Lee Chong Wei, having to have to go through that again! But seriously what a good match. I have switched it to the Tennis men’s finals now which looks to be an epic match too.

So as mentioned in my last Annandale post I said we would be visiting the “other” Annandale cafe which is this one – Revolver.

I think we really need to spend some time checking out Annandale, there seems to be this recurring theme of having really popular cafes placed right next to residential areas or houses – how weird is that?! Living next to a popular hotspot hmm..


When we first got there it was a bit of a surprise for us actually. While driving down Annandale Street it was very quiet, it’s pretty much.. house.. house.. house.. and then suddenly a whole crowd of people! Like Gnome, this one was at a corner too. Hey, so was Marionette :O 3 corners in a row!

Alright so we got there about 11am and Sally was already there waiting. Apparently it was about a 30 minute wait (which become 40~45mins for the people afterwards as they came). Despite that we got to give extra credit to the staff there who handled it magnificently. A good balance of table turnovers and managing the queue.

Since we were waiting, we decided to go get coffee first as some of us were half waking up still.

First thing you’d notice is that the blend is quite different to what we’ve had before. It’s not as strong as say The Little Marionette for example, in fact it feels a bit “lighter” and “creamier”. Perhaps it makes for better lattes, flat whites and cappuccinos and not so much espressos and long blacks etc. Either way, it was very good and smooth, good start to the morning.

The staff who was managing the queue explained to us that when he first came to work here the owner told him that the reason they use Morgan’s Coffee is because it doesn’t have that strong taste and aftertaste that a lot of the cafes in the city have (quite true so far!) because apparently the residents around the area prefer this type!

The place is a bit small but definitely was catered for a sit-in so it wasn’t like Gnome of Marionette. But seating was still a bit limited evident of the queue :). The interior decor gives off a very olden feel, it had this really nice wooden frame with cog cut-outs too! Wonder if the fireplace actually works..

Anyway so after we got to sit down we ordered quickly and the food came real quickly too! One of my friends mentioned that I had to try the baked breakfast which was served in the pan – I was keen to try it as well so that was my order! I normally don’t eat baked beans but the taste of this was really something else! I don’t really remember the exact names of E’s and Sally’s orders but they were all very good – except I still question who has duck for breakfast (really well done by the way, just slips off the bone!). Unfortunately I’m not disciplined enough to keep extra stomach for dessert :P.

Should have seen the two of them after this visit, both glowing with a happy kick-start to the day! That’s always good 🙂



Copy-friend address:

291 Annandale Street
Annandale NSW 2038

Definitely a place worth trying out. Just make sure you get there early or during one of the “non busy” times (I wonder if they even have those times..). I’m sure we’ll find our way back there again. Perhaps I’ll take mum there some time!



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