Cafe Passport ’12 – Entry 15

And this marks 3 of 3! Also by the sounds of things looks like Murray is rolling pass Federer – pity! Would like to see him win gold at least once!

Got a bit side tracked watching some badminton videos, oops. OK here we go.

Cheeky Chocolate by Adriano Zumbo which is just down the road from me :). I have been a few times now because of how convenient it is because I like bringing friends there haha.

No photos of coffee though! But that’s alright, they’re really more known for their desserts and sweets afterall (macrons!!)

First thing you’ll notice when you look at their menu is that all their items have weird and strange names but you get over the ordering process after awhile haha.

The interior is a very “victorian” style decor and they usually have some subtle music playing in the background. The lighting is quite dim during the evenings but today we were quite lucky to get the massive table in the middle which was in direct sunrise from the entrance!

There’s not a lot I can really describe using words, I mean.. it’s a dessert place so expect a lot of sweet foods haha.

But really the place is definitely a nice place to catch up with friends or just to have a nice dessert and coffee after a meal! Oh just a quick breakdown from what I know..

“Read my lips or kiss my cheeks” is essentially a sundae with honeycomb and some other mixed nuts and this nice raspberry syrup.

“This is how we roll” are chocolate ice-cream filled profiteroles (:D!) which I really need to try next time!

I’m sure the fondue had some weird and wonderful name too 😛




Copy-friend address:

11 George Street
North Strathfield NSW 2137

Getting late! Calling it a night! What a weekend.. wish I had another day or something! Nuuu work~

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