Cafe Passport ’12 – Entry 17

Post number 2 of 2!

This one is a bit special, although it technically is still a “cafe”, it’s more well known for its award winning pastries and cakes. Located slightly off the main heart of Newtown.. any ideas? 🙂

Featuring Black Star Pastry @ Newtown~

It’s a bit of a walk if you parked too far down King Street (damn, did that twice!) but there’s so much to see along the always-bustling main street so it’s not too bad I suppose! Last time we came was for E to buy her mum some birthday cake and it turned out to be a very nice cake so we took the opportunity and visited again! As I took the opportunity to actually buy something this time.

The trick is to walk off King Street and cut into Australia Street.. no idea how you’ll get there via car since you can only access it from the other side. Although.. who knows maybe it’s faster the other way! Didn’t really bother with the other photos as much, just food for this one!

Although E did have a Soy Chai Latte which was served in a really funky mug that looked like it could be stretched o.o! Probably to help insulate the heat so you don’t burn your hands as you’re holding your drink. This place always seems to be crowded, with the lines going out the door. Slight pity that they don’t have a lot of seating but  I suppose that’s why a lot of people go to the local parks nearby. It’s actually very interesting seeing people use large stones in the shop as tables =P.

The cheesecake wasn’t there last time, didn’t seem to be on the online menu either so I’m not sure the full name of it.. either way it was very good and quite cheesey! It looks solid like a rock but it’s actually so soft.

I’m sure E will use this one.. but I just had to! Look at that! Like cutting a rock.

S has mentioned so many times that their Lamb Shank Pie is a real winner but I wonder how early we need to get here for that >< the rack at the back of the counter has been empty for these last 2 times already! Apparently they have a new type of beef pie now too! Ahh pie!!

Was definitely a nice visit for a quick sugar-fix! We were quite lucky to grab a seat as well! Didn’t have to resort to the grass haha.



Copy-friend address:

277 Australia Street
Newtown, NSW 2042

Quite a few more we need to check out in Newtown like The Pie Tin (pieeeeeeeeee!!) and CAMPOS. Should be good times to come!


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