Cafe Passport ’12 – Entry 18

Why hello, hello! It’s definitely been some time hasn’t it?! 19th of August was the last post and looks like the last cafe visit was the 2nd of September. Followed by a restaurant visit on the 8th of September (I think I’ll leave E to cover this one since I don’t do justice to descriptions and food posts in general.. was a very good experience and restaurant though 🙂 fancy! Look out for her 4fourteen post).

So for those who know, I have just gotten back from Korean and Taiwan (yesterday actually, and I’m already back at it!), I might post some trip-related stuff later on perhaps, maybe more so on the Korea leg of the trip since it was a completely new experience for me.

Anyway, this one was at Burwood, during the pre-badminton time as usual. We were originally going to try Cafe D’or which is also along Burwood road (Entertainment Book) but it seemed closed so we kept walking and stumbled into this one. Seems to be relatively new but still buzzing with customers.

Also, this will be post 1 of 2.

You’ll need to be a bit forgiving of me for this post and the next because it’s been awhile and my memory is failing me :(. I can’t even remember the blend, heck I can’t even remember if I checked haha!

The menu was quite extensive and I believe they even did pizzas etc. I think E asked if we could order but I believe they didn’t serve pizzas until lunch which is why we settled for the Nutella Crepe, not that it bothered her~ Ahh looking at the Flat White makes me want one.. I had to settle for Cappuccinos and Lattes (closest thing to a Flat White) overseas haha. I think the barista was Korean too; can always trust a Korean to make a good cup of coffee.

The breakfast dish was good though! Different to what I’d normally order as a breakfast plate (you know, bacon and eggs etc) but hard to pass by chorizos. Pity they only gave 1 piece of bread though! I remember I used to dislike olives, except for the ones roasted on pizzas. I remember having a fresh olive for the first time.. that saltiness ughh.. but it’s all good now :), cleaned that plate!

Oohh, yes, the poached eggs, they passed E’s version of the “Litmus test” with flying colours.

When she gets around to posting about this she’ll tell you a story about a lady who wanted to make her own coffee (I’m putting this here for you E – so you remember!).



Copy-friend address:

130 Burwood Road
Burwood, NSW 2134

OK, quick break and onto the next one! Bit of a contrast to this one.. has so many more photos.


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