Cafe Passport ’12 – Entry 19

Alright, post 2 of 2. Just got told off for leaving a bun in the steamer since the morning, oops! I totally forgot about it.. see there’s something wrong, like my memory is still on holidays.. ^___^”.

So this one is in Leichhardt and if I’m correct, it is the FIRST one we’ve been to in Leichhardt. First of many, that’s for sure :).

Cafe Jolly:

Not exactly sure why it was called that, not like the staff / owner were super happy to see us or anything. Oh well, maybe I’ll ask some time haha.

I remember we had like 9 people or something, felt kind of bad since it was a pretty small place but they managed to put some tables together for us! Noticed that in my last post I forgot to add the ‘tapes’ oh well.. I’m too lazy to edit, surprise, surprise.

S has mentioned that she’s been here a couple of times for their Garlic Prawns, so we definitely made sure we got some. When I was putting together this post I came across this search result in Google Maps:

Don’t exactly know about “romantic dinner” but the point is the “garlic prawns” keywords! Looks like S isn’t the only one who goes to this place for them :P.

Anyway there were actually more photos but I really couldn’t jam them onto the page anymore. F’s Salt + Pepper Squid looked quite good, not exactly what she was expecting I think but (not fried :P). WT smashed his pasta full of cheese haha.

All in all it was a good place to unwind after badminton. I think we might have had a carb-overload though with a combination ordering of garlic bread, bruschetta, cheese + honey + chilli (this was so good) bread, and wedges! There seemed to be so much on the menu, we’ll either have to go back some time to ask S to go and try + recommend something apart from the prawns :P.

Nothing for me this coming Sunday as I’ll be away! But back in business the next Sunday!!




Copy-friend address:

158 Norton Street
Leichhardt, NSW 2040

 Until then! 🙂




3 thoughts on “Cafe Passport ’12 – Entry 19

  1. S says:

    Their hamburgers are ok, mum and dad really liked their steak, the pancakes are good (although not compared to revolvers), lasagne is your basic lasagne. If you have any specific dishes you want me test for you let me know :).

  2. E says:

    Do you know, I actually forgot the cafe name, so I had to search it on google. How I discovered it was Cafe Jolly was by searching ‘chilli cheese honey bread, Leichhardt’. So I guess the key search word is actually chilli cheese honey bread

    • sukari89 says:

      I thought I gave you perma-permission to post comments, funny, this comment was in the approval queue for so long!

      Nothing personal I swear.

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