Cafe Passport ’12 – Entry 20

Annnnnnnnnnnnd we’re back!

Took a bit of a break obviously because I have been overseas (though I don’t believe that stopped S and E – in fact I saw some photos, definitely envious). So this cafe, Crepe and Coffee Co. serves as the comeback cafe for the pre-badminton ritual and Cafe Passport ’12.

We originally planned to go to Milk Bar by Cafe Ish because E informed me that Cafe Ish closed their shop at Surry Hills and opened a new one in Redfern, milk bar style. Interesting.. they apparently didn’t take a lot of their menu with them, exceptions would be things like their famous wattle macchiato and Ai’s Freaking Awesome Chicken (Wings now).

Here we go:

Haha what a fail – had the wrong photo for Flat White – dodo~


We got a bit lucky actually, we were kind of at a bit of a loss as to where to go after finding out that Milk Bar was closed (due to flooding apparently, hm strange).

I have only really been to Redfern once I think – back in my Uni days. I never really stopped by Redfern despite going pass it everyday because of the train. Kind of surprised that a successful cafe in Surry Hills would decide to move to Redfern. Then again personally I’m not too sure what to expect there! Seems like there are “two sides” to the place.

Anyway the first few things you’ll notice are the tight spaces of the seating options because it is a pretty small cafe. I tend to give E the “inside” (against the wall) seats so she could fit in just fine, I probably would have struggled.

Staff were friendly and the food was good, oh, so was the coffee. Got large (mug) I believe; been ages since I have had flat whites! The food actually came pretty fast since it didn’t take too long to make. In fact I think you can watch the guy make the crepes since he kind of just makes them on the spot.

There were definitely a lot of combinations to choose from but I suppose bacon is always a safe choice (E wanted chorizo but they ran out – it was only 11am! Geez!

Definitely worth a re-visit especially since the chicken crepes looked real good! Oh, and want chorizo!! It’s also worth mentioning that the food is fairly cheap too.



Copy-friend address:

60 Regent Street
Redfern, NSW 2016

Actually got one more to do.. maybe tomorrow (later today actually, it’s 2:26AM now).. rubbing my eyes a fair bit :S.


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