Cafe Passport ’12 – Entry 21

There’s a few interesting and unique things about this cafe we visited yesterday.

Firstly I have to say that if it wasn’t for a series of events and possibly blessings in disguise we probably would not have wandered into this place. Apologies to E for making her wait and waiting in a crowded area 😦 I tried to plan it as best as I could but it just didn’t work out. Having said that, the timing was a bit off so we couldn’t make West Ryde (Element6 closes at 4PM) so she suggested we go to Beecroft.

Beecroft was supposed to have a cup-rated one; Longshot, but the SMH guide was out of date apparently and they were already closing! So we kept wandering around and chose this one over the other (Beehive).

First one of its unique things – its name: Chicken & Fishhead (cafe & kidswear):

So I kind of touched on it just then, the other unique thing is that it’s seriously have a kidswear store along with some arts & craft stuff.

I had a look at their Facebook page and found out that also seem to allow kids to make stuff there (arts etc). It’s quite homely actually, despite being a bit cramped (poor place, got 1 bad review because it couldn’t handle 12 prams).

For some reason E had a tough time deciding what to eat, I pretty much knew as soon as I saw BLAT sandwich haha. They were quite generous with the bacon too! E eventually asked me to decide for her and I ended up choosing the Lamb & Rosemary pie and she seemed to like it. Oh, before the store owner walked away to put in the order she quickly asked for extra bacon, yep, extra bacon with pie.

There goes dessert 😛 may be worth checking out the dessert next time.

Interesting that the place is open late and requires booking for dinner (preferred anyway). Coffee was good though 🙂 wonder if they had large. Quite interested in how many people are working in the kitchen, could get quite rushy. After we walked in around 3:30pm seems like more started to come in :O interesting effect we have, muaha!



Copy-friend address:

3 Wongala Crescent
Beecroft, NSW 2119

And that’s a wrap for the current set of photos! Woohoo 🙂


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