NBA 2012-2013 Early Predictions.

Woohoo it’s this time of the year again!

3 days into the start of the much anticipated (for me anyway) season! With all the crazy roster changes, blockbuster trades and introduction of Brooklyn.. this has definitely been one season I was really looking forward to. Some highlights for me during the off season:

  • LAL, DEN & ORL – 3 team trade sending D12 to Lakers & Iggy to Denver (woo!)
  • Nash to LAL
  • Ray Ray to Miami (& JET to Boston)
  • Houston making weird roster changes
    • Then somehow landing Harden to become relevant again
  • Anti-flop rule

I’ve managed to catch a few games on Thursday (day 2); Denver @ Philly and Memphis @ LA (Clippers) – both were quite good!

So like last year with my predictions.. which I did.. OK I guess – some stupid choices like Bobcats but oh well.. (ref:

Credit: Reddit

OK here we go again!

Once again.. I’ll break it down to which teams I think will make the play-offs (8 from each conference with a wildcard each conference – total of 18), no particular order (unless stated) and I’ll italic the ones I’m not sure:

Western Conference

  • Oklahoma City Thunder – OKC; runner-up from last year and they will definitely going into this year with more flare considering how close they got. Harden is gone now and so will some of their firepower but I still think they’ll get one of the top 3 seeds.
  • San Antonio Spurs – SAS; this team has just been timeless throughout the years and have been so good. I’ll touch more on this later when I talk awards but they should get top 3 seeds again too.
  • LA Lakers – LAL; with the moves they’ve made and the $$ spent.. they better get into the play-offs! Hopefully they fix up either their offensive system (i.e. get rid of Princeton or master it..) or their coaching staff.
  • LA Clippers – LAC; I watched their first game and they look so much better defensively. Sure they had quite a few turnovers but it seems to be the off season rust. DeAndre looks so much better this year too, establishing better post moves and defensive presence. Oh and how can one forget the acquisitions of former sixth men of the year; Crawford AND Odom?! Oh and Bledsoe is becoming a real good back-up guard too.
  • Portland Trail Blazers – POR; I seem to have a lot of faith in this team despite its bad luck throughout the years. Aldridge has established himself as the go-to man for the team. The rookie Lillard shows a lot of hope along with Batum. Let’s hope they stay healthy.
  • Minnesota Timberwolves – MIN; put it this way.. if they don’t, Love is going to leave, simple as that.
  • Denver Nuggets – DEN; got so much love for this team and the George Karl – despite losing their all-star Carmelo 2 seasons ago they have made the best of it and managed to get into the play-offs both times in middle seed. So they say that the Nuggets need another star player, well I’m hoping Igoudala will fill that role along with up and coming Lawson.
  • Memphis Grizzlies – MEM; this team has come a long way the last few years and I would hate to see them lose traction this year. However, they do have new owners. New owners like change.. coaching staff better be careful!
  • Wild Card: Houston Rockets – HOU; ugh.. this one is for you Jim, I’m really not too sure because of the COMPLETE starter 5 replacement. But with Harden they really have a legitimate chance.. poor them, a .500 team that couldn’t make the play-offs. West is tough huh? Ps. It was a toss up between Houston and Sacramento for this.

Eastern Conference

  • Chicago Bulls – CHI; I don’t care that Rose is out and probably out the whole season. They will make the play-offs! Go Bulls!
  • Miami Heat – MIA; no real explanation here, especially with a beefed up rosters full of sharpshooters. Pew pew.
  • Boston Celtics – BOS; most likely their last chance so I’m sure they’ll make a big push for it!
  • Indiana Pacers – IND; they’ve become a real factor these last few years especially in the Central division which was Chicago’s for the last few years. A lot of analysts have tipped them to take the divison title as well.
  • New York Knicks – NYK; they should just scrape in with the star power they have. Let’s hope they stay healthy as 38 is the new 28 or something.. can’t believe that’s the 4th oldest. Plus, they got the Best Point Guard in the League.
  • Brooklyn Nets – BYN; with the moves they’ve made in the summer and the players they got in this roster.. surely..
  • Philadelphia 76ers – PHI; time for Andrew Bynum to be the man; what he’s been wanting from the Lakers for a long time now. Also, Hawes has accepted his role of coming off the bench (not exactly sure if he’s a 6th man) and really has been doing well. Should be a great season for them.
  • Atlanta Hawks – ATL; the only reason I am unsure is because I am pretty sure that Josh Smith is going to be traded half way through the season. He doesn’t really want to stay there anymore.
  • Wild Card: Cleveland Cavaliers – CLE; this one was hard but I’ll give it to these guys because Irving is looking real good and the roster is looking quite solid. However there is a possibility that they will trade Varejão and build around Thompson.. shall have to wait and see.

Now for the Awards.. so early in the season to tell so it’s more of a guess with a hint of biasm – I’ll list 3 candidates for each.

  • LeBron James [MIA]
  • Kevin Durant [OKC]
  • Tony Parker [SAS]

Defensive Player of the Year

  • Dwight Howard [LAL]
  • Serge Ibaka [OKC]
  • DeAndre Jordan [LAC]

Sixth Man of the Year

  • Jamal Crawford [LAC]
  • Manu Ginobili [SAS]
  • Er.. who else is a 6th man.. um.. Spencer Hawes ?! [PHI]

Most Improved Player – .. no idea.. but here are some that need improvement

  • Brandon Knight [DET]
  • Jimmer Fredette [SAC]
  • Kemba Walker?! [CHA]

Rookie of the Year

  • Anthony Davis [NOH]
  • Damian Lillard [POR]
  • Erm.. yeah stuck on this one, dunno.. Thomas Robinson [SAC] maybe..

Coach of the Year

  • Gregg Popovich [SAS]
  • Avery Johnson [BKN]
  • George Karl [DEN]

Will have to check again some time during the season, probably All-Star weekend to see how I’m tracking! Hopefully I do better this year than last..

Should be a great season 😀

5 thoughts on “NBA 2012-2013 Early Predictions.

  1. Phil says:

    My predictions, from my most likely to least
    Eastern Conference 8:
    Pretty much agree with you, Heat, Boston, Pacers, Nets, Knicks, Bulls, 76ers, Hawks; but my wildcard will be Bucks i think, they seem to have a decent team if they come together and play well they should be good.

    Western Conference 8:
    Spurs, Lakers, Thunder, Clippers, …from here on it gets tougher:
    I like Portland with Lillard and Alrdidge, but theyre still a little unproven
    I like Timberwolves when Rubio and Love get in there
    I like Grizzlies and Nuggets lineups and Golden State probably have one of the most dangerous offensive player lineups… and then there is houston who i would have thought would be bottom 3 until harden showed hes freaking amazing. so i guess i’ll go: Nuggets, Houston, Portland, Timberwolves with golden state as my wildcard, they should be good if curry and bogut can stay out of injury trouble. big if.

    Wildcard: Harden …..seriously if he keeps this up he will be it for sure….but i dont think he will keep it up….and wow just as i typed that hes rolled his ankle….

    Defensive Player:
    Guess i have to say Howard first

    6th player:
    -Louis Williams …sure new team, but hes still playing off the bench it seems….and still playing well, not sure why he didnt make your choices with harden out of the picture.
    -Ginobili, one of the best players in the league playing off the bench, only in san antonio.
    -Jason Terry
    -Matt Bonner 😛

    Most Improved
    yeah no idea, but i hope Kemba Walker for my fantasy team stats 😛

    Coach of the year:
    Id like to say Pop, but they never give it to him even though hes been the best coach for the last 10 years haha. If Adelman get the Timberwolves around 6th in the conference he might get it.

    Rookie of the year: Davis or Lillard, i’ll give Davis 66% chance to get it with Lillard 32% chance. The other rookies get 2% to share 🙂

    • sukari89 says:

      Haha sorry they were good thoughts I was just busy scoffing at them, jokes 😛

      Bucks is a pretty nice choice, they’ve burnt me in the past so I threw them on their arse this year! You know 2 seasons ago they had the worst FG% as a team? It was like sub-30% or something. One of the sports analyst wrote an article for that season going into New Years and the Bucks’ resolution was something like.. “go to the beach and see if we can throw a beach ball into the ocean.” But they’ve opened well, 2-0, I still think they’re one of the smaller teams (frontcourt) in the league. My main concerns are with the backcourt but.. Jennings needs the ball to score so does Ellis, some even argue that Ellis should actually be a PG, position-wise, like Wade (“tweener”).

      Really want to see GSW in the playoffs, have a lot of respect for Curry and I think Marc Jackson is doing a great job with the team – re-shaping them to be defense first as opposed to their old offensive style.

      I watched the GSW@LAC game yesterday and although some of the referee calls were very questionable (along with the 5 or 6 technicals that were thrown around like confetti) I did like what I saw. Jackson made a good point saying that he’s not worried about the team’s offense, as long as they get stops and defensive plays the offense will flow because majority of the line-up can score efficiently.

      Would be interesting seeing Harden race for MVP.. doesn’t look so far-fetched now! Has anyone won 6th Man AND MVP before?! For Defensive, gotta remember Howard’s back is still not 100% so that could go bad too.. hope not.

      Sucks that they moved Lou Williams, he was quite good in Philly, only time will tell to see how he does in ATL especially since I think Josh will be moving.

      Would like to see more contenders start stepping out for the Rookie race though 🙂 Like maybe the 2nd pick of the draft by MJordan?! C’mon…

      • Phil says:

        ! Ouch!

        I like the lineup Bucks have this year, no amazing players, but all good. I like Ilyasova, Ellis, Jennings and Gooden. hahahaha, love that quote haha. Well 2 years ago didnt they have heaps of injury problems? Anyway, i guess we will have to see, a win over the celtics is a good way to start the season.

        Yeah i liked Lou in Philly too, but we shall just have to see how he plays out in Atlanta, good start so far though.

        Oh yeah forgot about Michael Kidd Gilchrist….hmmm, he gets the 1% of that remaining 2% then 😛

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