Cafe Passport ’12 – Entry 22

This one should be a short one since we were a bit pressed for time this particular Sunday. It’s interesting actually, E and I usually meet up just outside this cafe near the fountain at Strathfield. However we’ve never actually stopped by to try it out.

It’s actually quite an interesting location and there always seems to be quite a few number of people dropping by for some coffee. They also use Di Stefano beans which was used in Cafe Warehouse (first entry! Wow.. sure has been awhile).

Unfortunately there wasn’t a lot of food options (not really a place to set up a kitchen) but the coffee was good :).

Annnnnnnnnnd some text.

Like I said though, the coffee was nice and given the good weather it was quite a nice atmosphere to be at. I kind of wish they had more food options but you can’t really do much when they can’t really set up a kitchen there haha. I have been loving BLT / BLAT type sandwiches lately so I was quite glad that they had it (mm I want a flat sandwich presser like that!).

Not too sure how the Bulgogi burger was, E / S, thoughts? Also, how was the iced drink? Totally forgot what it was. Gahhh my memory 😦

Apparently the place is very nice for viewing big sport games, by big sport games I believe it’s usually stuff like the World Cup (football) when South Korea is playing haha. Or perhaps when their country hero Park Ji Sung is playing. Not too sure where they have a TV though? Or do they project hmm..

The same Sunday we were sitting nearby having Moochi and we saw a large group order a massive bowl of shaved ice (patbingsu).. need to go back there just to try that some time.. especially with Summer upon us – going to be a scorcher this year!



Copy-friend address:

Strathfield Square
Strathfield, NSW 2135

One more post to go, a rather big one! Feeling a bit lazy though hmm.. wonder if I can trudge it through.


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