Cafe Passport ’12 – Entry 23

Alright I kind of wish I had more space to put all the photos that E took but.. I should have thought about that properly when I first designed the templates I suppose. OH WELL.

InterContinental Hotel. When I was a kid we used to go every now and then for the buffet (Cafe Opera) which I never really ate my worth considering it’s better for seafood and what not. I remembered that they used to have a playroom on weekends to keep the kids entertained.. featured a clown that would make balloon animals. I believe it was also the few places that would have a live accordion player o.O.. anyway.. sidetracked.

Sooo.. Cortile Room on the ground level introduced this year the concept of “High Coffee” which is essentially a High Tea format using coffee and coffee with liqueur.

Before I dive into it, just want to say that it was quite worth it, deceptively lots of food with some pretty great coffee.. not sure if I should call them baristas or bartenders haha, shaken coffee hmm..! More information here: High Coffee at the Cortile Room

Working off my memory now.. which has been failing me a bit lately :S.

Alright so from what I remember, once everyone is seated and ready the waitress will come and explain to you how things will work – which beverage will come out with which set of food and their recommendations on the match (actually noted on the site).

We started with the coffee martini (double shot espresso) which had some liqueur in it. It was actually quite good despite my (lack-of) tolerance for alcohol (didn’t managed to finish it). So that went well with the first platter on the top which was a set of 3 different sandwiches.

The top plate then got replaced with a set of mini pies, quiches and savory muffin :O! After that went, it got replaced (again! See we’re still on the top platter!) with Belgian waffles and chocolate crepes. This came with its own set of (double whipped) cream, jam (though I think these 2 were for the scones), hazelnut spread, chocolate piper, lemon and sugar. The recommended beverage at this point was the cafe freddo which is essentially an iced double shot espresso.

Pretty funny – E and S went nuts on with their cream and asked for some more. The waitress brought some back more and explained that it’s not the same (i.e. not double whipped) but man:

All that cream..

Anyway I found that pretty funny haha. So we finally made it to the middle layer! Which was a set of plain and fruit scones :D! At this stage this was like the checkpoint so they gave us some green apple sorbet for palette cleansing.

So then for dessert they gave us a few coffee choices, at this stage I’ve already had 2xdouble shots and some alcohol so I just went with a flat white (wait.. that doesn’t really justify anything haha!). I suppose Fiona made the better choice with Mocha. Ah well!

The dessert platter was great though, E did this magic trick which involved making her macron disappear and reappear again.. until this day I still don’t know what happened. Bamboozled. Unfortunately though at this stage we were so full and caffeine’d up that we just couldn’t finish it! But they were nice enough to give us a box to take away the desserts which I believe Fiona got to enjoy afterwards :).

Definitely worth checking out, whether it’s for a group, date, family or just an excuse to dress fancy. Make sure you allow about 2 or so hours though! You’ll need it.



Copy-friend address:

117 Macquarie Street
Sydney, NSW 2000

Definitely want to go back to try out their dessert buffet though.. so many choices!

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