Cafe Passport ’12 – Entry 24

Backlog, backlog, backlog~~

This one is for the 3rd of November 2012 – 2nd last day of Sculptures by the Sea (Bondi) for 2012. Which also was the first time for me checking it out! Crazy.. been in Australia for like 21 years and I still haven’t been until now! Anyway so unfortunately S couldn’t join us today so perhaps we’ll need to go back for her. But it’s quite a neat little cafe / bar / restaurant decorated with blue and orange cushions – true to its name “Blue Orange”.

I noticed this year I have been to Bondi Beach like 4 or 5 times.. that’s probably more times in my 21 years in Australia all up. Crazy.

OK here we go!

Hehe not much text in the image but I tried to make up for it by squeezing 6 of E’s lovely photos into it! Half of it was probably because I couldn’t remember the dish names.. gahhh.. not a good sign 😦

So.. what is there to say about this place.. well first up, the staff were very friendly and accommodating because we started with 3 people and ended up adding like another 5 – they were quite welcoming of it and helpful with that. They even helped split our bill because we had to leave first, so extra kudos to them for that!

You’ll notice that they seem to love their rocket and rocket salad, either that or we just kept ordering dishes that had either of the two in it! But despite that, their rocket salads were actually quite well done :). I know E had a bad experience but I think she was OK with Blue Orange’s version of it haha.

I remember the bread being very good (that or I’m just craving bread..) but I’m pretty sure it was good, along with the dips.

The “Bondi Mess” was interesting and I found quite tasty. I can’t remember if it was this one or the other one (not shown – some.. cake.. forgot..) that E and T felt it was “too sweet” but I didn’t have any complaints – but then again, I’m so easy with food right?

Food was a bit pricey though but I guess that’s pretty normal for a place in Bondi Beach so no issues there. Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to try the coffee (apparently E don’t like Lavazza – wonder why. But Lavazza is my daily coffee for work :D).

Overall this was a good experience and a good way to close off a first-time-experience seeing the sculptures! Good day. Also, this was 2 weeks in a row that we hit up Bondi Beach.



Copy-friend address:

49 Hall Street
Bondi Beach, NSW 2026

Ps. There is another backlog entry.. but I think I’ll save it for another day, ’twas a great one 🙂

Pss. I am pretty sure that Blue Orange was featured / awarded in SMH’s cafe guide ’12.. maybe E can confirm this for me.


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