Cafe Passport ’12 – Entry 25

OK.. backlog caught up now! This one was last Sunday – boy was it a good one.

E had been telling me about this place in Surry Hills for awhile – “Cafe Ish”, unfortunately a few months back she also suddenly messaged me in the middle of the night saying that it shut down with a sad face :(! But it soon followed with a note about how they also opened a new place in Redfern – “The Milk Bar by Cafe Ish”.

When we finally got to visit last week (we tried previously but it was flooded :() they had a story on the menu as to who the owners were and how they re-opened a cafe (with new concept) in Redfern. It’s not a bad concept; feels like a contemporary American diner. The interior decor is a bit bland at the moment – large white walls; perhaps that’s the intention?

They also had a jukebox and 2 table-top arcade machines which they run high-score competitions with.

It was an interesting morning because I know S didn’t have a great first impression as Ai (one of the owners) would not let her sit until we arrived (i.e. until everyone arrived). Apparently she normally has coffee before she meets up with us.. too bad for her she didn’t get a chance to have that beforehand :(.

Anyway we noticed that what we ordered was quite a good selection of hang-over (cure) food. Because E had also been talking about how great their signature Wattleseed Maccacino was all 3 of us ordered that. It was definitely a must-try although it was slightly sweet. I’m usually not a fan of sweetened coffee but we’ll make an exception ;).

The food choices we left up to E because some of the more successful menu items were carried over, such as their signature Soft-Shell Crab Omelette which was veryyyyyyyy nice! And “Ai’s Freaking Awesome Chicken” (yes that’s what it’s called) which has now transformed into.. “Ai’s Freaking Awesome Chicken Wings”! More milk bar friendly it seems :P.

To add on, we also ordered a double cheeseburger and basket of chips. In hindsight we probably should have ordered a triple cheeseburger to make it an easier split.

Felt a bit bad for Ai – she looked so stressed running around and sometimes shouting “pick up please!!” asking the waiters to serve the coffees she’s just made (she’s also the barista there). Owner, barista and waitress, talk about hands full!

A few nights ago E suddenly messaged me again to tell me that we forgot to try the Malteser Pie! So I’m pretty sure we’ll end up going back haha. Great start to a Sunday!



Copy-friend address:

105 Regent Street
Redfern, NSW 2016

Woohoo, all caught up! New Sunday adventure this week, E & S have been looking forward to this for awhile too.

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