Farewell 2012!

Although officially 2012 doesn’t end until a bit over the week-end.. I figured since I’m pretty much clocking off this year I might as well get this in to clear up some thoughts before heading to bed for my last sleep in Sydney for 2012 :).

When the clock hands ticked over into 2012 last year I never really would have imagined this year being so jam-packed as it turned out. Thinking back now it actually was a very good year and I didn’t really have any down times or bad times; was all very good.

Coming into the year I had a few simple goals / focuses for the year:

  • Attention to detail
  • Asking the right question(s)!
  • Becoming completely independent :)
  • Get (and stay) fit
  • Stop impulse buying .__________.
  • Worry less, live more.

From this little list I feel that I have met most of them, perhaps not so much the last 2 haha but it’s a work in progress.. not easy to change one’s nature!

But the year has had some interesting challenges.. I knew that this year would be very different because a lot of my great friends are no longer around in Sydney – having to re-think about how to spend free time =P. For that I wish to thank my fellow badminton friends, basketball buddies, work mates, cafe buddies (especially you, E for making it all possible), and of course – my brother.

To my friends away you know I miss you all dearly!

Having a flick through the photos for the year I’m so happy I’ve got to:

  • Continue badminton (thanks to everyone for always showing up!)
  • Learn to make coffee:
Barista course - March

Barista course – March

  • Go see the Yonex Australian Open:
Yonex AU Open - April

Yonex AU Open – April

  • Kick off my 2012 Sydney Cafe Passport project 🙂
    • Might do a mini-USA one for kicks haha
  • Keep Tuesday basketball going (thanks everyone for the constant turnouts!)!
Basketball @ Pyrmont

Basketball @ Pyrmont

  • One more season with the Vipers – bring this back Jim! Damn it! 😦
Vipers last game - June

Vipers last game – June

  • Go to South Korea (and the DMZ) to see Hans! Congratulations buddy on the contract renewal, see you in Feb!
S.Kor - Sept

S.Kor – Sept

  • Go to Taiwan to see relatives
  • Go to Canberra to see Fred (& Floriade haha) – just a few more years to go and we’ll start calling you Doc!
ANU - Sept

ANU – Sept

  • Freaking finally saw Sculptures by the Sea!
  • Completed 3 runs :D, next one in Feb!
  • Picked up indoor rock climbing – hoping to keep this one going too
Indoor Rock Climbing - Nov

Indoor Rock Climbing – Nov

  • And of course.. going to the USA!

Big year down with another big year to come.

Now I’m actually quite excited! Hope you all had a great 2012. Have a great Christmas and New Years.

Happy (and safe) holidays!




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