USA Trip ’12-’13 – Day 0

It’s currently 9:58pm Sydney time which is 11:58pm Nadi-Fiji time (Merry Christmas Fiji!) which is 2:58am LA time. Currently on the 2nd part of the flight from Nadi to Los Angeles.. About 1 hour in of a 11 hour or so flight.

I wanted to kick open my tablet and watch some 30 Rock but I realised I didn’t download the codec required.. Or a file browser.. This is what I get for last minuting things I guess.

Fred is sitting next to me with his iPad, typing up a blog entry so I thought I’d one-up him by typing this all up on my mobile because I’m pretty boss like that.

Air Pacific actually has pretty nice food, it’s like wraps or breads so it doesn’t really have that airplane smell. We got a hot dog for lunch, a hot dog!

Fiji looks like a great place for a holiday, all the staff seem so festive and friendly at the airport. Don’t really have that stern / mean look you’d come to expect from airport staff (especially Customs). But man, it’s so humid there haha.

So there’s not much to do now but I guess I’ll just have to suck it up and go back to sleep after this. Few more hours to go!

Our original flight from Sydney to Nadi was delayed by 2 hours because of some mechanical problems which seems like they managed to fix.. I hope hahaha. In a way that turned out OK for us since it decreased our layover time by 2 hours.

Anxious as to how the trip will pan out. Very excited to finally see America which I have been wanting to for so long. Definitely missing my usual comfort zone already, not sure I’ll ever feel 100% comfortable with travel but I’d definitely like to visit as many countries as possible.

Approach everything with an open mind a friend tells me – definitely will, but also looking forward to the small (hopefully pleasant) surprises that lie ahead of us.

Keeping this one short, first post, day 0! Which reminds me.. Need to get the WordPress app..

Edit: Gasp! 20mins later I realised I still had 2 episodes of 30 Rock on my phone, sweeeeeeet! Good work past-Ben.

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