USA Trip ’12-’13 – Day 1

So Ben asks if I’ll be blogging every day.. Nah probably not but I’ll try to get as much in considering I’d want something for memory too..

Landed quite earlier than expected in LAX – pretty sure itinerary said 1pm but we were there before 12pm. That’s cool, no problems haha.

Cleared immigration and customs quite fast and easily.. No funny random checks or bombardment of questions.

Only hiccup was for poor Bonnice – her luggage must have got caught during transport because the zipper was completely torn off the tracks..

During customs we thought the 3 of us need to go together but the guy gave us a weird look – ‘Are you married to him (Fred)?’ No.. ‘Is she married to him?’ No..

Haha well every other place in airport they’d ask us to go as a group! Geez!

Next stop was the car hire, no real issues there, we just slowly made our way to the hostel. Making sure we didn’t do any funny turns.

The hostel is quite nice, in between Sunset and Hollywood Boulevard. After we finally settled in and parked the car in some car park which apparently are all privately owned because it’s big bucks here.. (Man that place looked dodgy).. We realised we hadn’t eaten since like 1pm so we went hunting for food.

Ended up at Umami Burger :D, I’ve been craving some good onion rings since we visited Jazz City Diner so I’m glad we went there.

Walked around a bit more after dinner along the 2 streets. All the way up to the Chinese Theatre – saw some interesting.. People.. LA sure has a good mix.

Now I need to figure out who Sid and Ted are.. Names all over the ground!


All domestic travel planning done, man we’ve been up for over 20 hours lol, almost without coffee!

Ps. Not sure how photos will turn out on mobile. Not a lot of interesting ones yet anyway.. Tomorrow! Muscle (Venice) beach and Santa Monica. Maybe even the sign.

Pss. Wow we’re really here in LA..



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