USA Trip ’12-’13 – Day 2

It’s 2:03AM and that officially ticks off day 2 of our USA trip!

Pretty massive day today considering there are about 58 photos uploading and these are selective ones too! I’ll try to remember as much as possible.. Fred will probably fill in the details.

Kicked off the day at 9:45 or so to make sure we had time to get the car out before 10 or risk dealing with the tow trucks.. First stop was Santa Monica Beach!


Quite a long stretch of beach, we walked towards the pier so.. Towards the I-10 Fwy(?). Apparently the pier is the last stop for Route 66 is you’re coming from Chicago.


It also had a Bubba Gump and a seat which you can pose as Forrest on the bench – Jennaaaay. Too bad it was closed haha.

Next stop was Venice beach, aka Muscle Beach. I mainly went for this:


But it was very quiet today, probably because it was Christmas haha. I’d imagine the summer would be bustling with street vendors considering how many spots there were..


Totally legit lol.

Think I’m becoming a bit obsessed with onion rings..


So this was lunch from Big Daddy and Sons.

Oh right, why Muscle Beach..


But yeah, closed because of Christmas.

Only went to these 2 beaches but it’s interesting comparing to Sydney.. Sand isn’t as white but there seems to be much more of it. A lot of different characters again but I think that’s just LA in general haha.

Next stop was Beverly Hills where the stars were at apparently. Note, they have silver fire hydrants instead of yellow. I was driving so I didn’t take many pictures..


Followed by that was a tricky winding drive to the HOLLYWOOD sign!


So glad we found it, wasn’t sure if this was Griffith Park that I was advised to go to.. But good enough! So lost haha.. Glad we didn’t cheap out on the gps unit.

The sun sets early here it seems, around 5PM and it feels like 7PM already. We decided to make a trip to downtown LA to check out the area a bit considering we’ll be coming on Thursday for the Boston @ LA Clippers game (can’t wait).

So we (of course) dropped by Staples Center..


Which had the newly unveiled statue..


The Cap!

We then walked around a bit more and decided to eat at a place called The Original Pantry Cafe which apparently has been open (and never closed because it is open 24 hours) since 1924. Diner style!

Since we’re not visiting Philadelphia I ordered a cheese steak sandwich!


Great food which was very stuffing.. Along with their awesome milkshake.

Then we decided to watch The Hobbit haha.. Long day indeed!

I’m still getting use to driving around here.. Definitely have been missing a lot of turns and exits on freeways but nothing too major.

Seems like an easy day tomorrow.


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