USA Trip ’12-’13’ – Day 3

Scratching another day! 1 more full day left in LA and we’re off on our drive to San Diego!

Like I kind of eluded on last post.. We took today pretty breezy. Looks like a lot of them didn’t get good sleep so I think that worked out well for everyone.

I’m still quite happy that I have no jet lag haha. Maybe when we start crossing timelines constantly.

So today we had a late start; after breakfast Fred and I went for a quick walk to AT&T which turned out it wasn’t as near as I thought.. Oops..

Anyway despite our efforts we found out that their data coverage isn’t even working on prepaid SIMs until a week later :(. So we went back to the hostel and regrouped for lunch.

Went to a place called Ikemen which is apparently famous for its dip ramen – think soba but dipping in the broth instead, thicker noodles. Not that we tried it though haha.


We’ll get use to the tipping thing eventually. After lunch was like free time to do whatever.

This meant for me.. Hunting down T Mobile for a SIM, which I eventually found and which also helped me discover by fate.. In N Out!

Anyway after SIM was a quick stop at Starbucks which was actually ok! Not too fussed anyway.

I then went to a sports / shoes store (bad idea).. I might end up going back for the shoes :/. But I ended up walking out with a Griffin jersey (for tomorrow’s game, woo!).

When I went to pay for the jersey the shop owner was like shocked, ‘What? The Clippers?!’ hahaha.. Guess it’s still a very Lakers-town.


So I came back and did some ‘admin’ work as Fred calls it. Then we went to..


For dinner! My heart!


I only found out about the ‘secret menu’ afterwards, which is ok.. Just means trip 2 haha.

Then we went to the shop opposite of the place which was a massive shoe warehouse. Got a new pair of kicks and we topped off the night with pancakes at IHOP.. Followed by some admin work for tomorrow and Vegas.

Big day tomorrow with an early start, goodnight!

Can’t wait for the NBA game!!


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