USA Trip ’12-’13 – Day 4

Pretty sure it’s day 4.. Well I’ll fix later otherwise. I better churn this out quick because apparently Fred doesn’t / can’t sleep until he reads it :P. So I said it would be a big day today and it really was! Set off early, we’ll around 8:15AM en route to Universal Studios Hollywood!


To be honest I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect at this place.. Wasn’t sure if it classifies as a theme park / amusement park etc.. Either way.. We started with the studio tour which was very good and insightful! Gave a very nice look at some of the sets used in movies.


I think we then went for the Simpsons ride which was this ‘4D’ simulated right which was quite cool. I remember my first simulated 3D ride as a kid.. Technology sure has come a long way.


Working off failing memory now.. Next was.. Shrek.. Then.. Special Effects Stage..


Err.. Then it was.. Terminator 2 3D.. Before that I think I tried to shoot hoops and failed. Then we went down to the lower lot I think for.. Jurassic Park (water) ride, The Mummy’s Revenge mini coaster.. We topped the Universal Studios stint off with the new Transformers 2 ride which was really good but took like almost 90mins to get in.. It was just lines after lines haha crazy. But that was just an entrée for the day.. The big part of the day was of course..


Celtics visit the streaking Clippers at Staples Center!! I didn’t realise the tickets I got were VIP, so not only did we get to enter faster and have awesome seats.. We also had a curtain at our tunnel. As soon as we opened the curtain it was a sudden gush of disbelief. Disbelief that I’m really here, really at Staples, really watching the Celtics attempt to prevent a 15 game winning streak by the Clippers.. The atmosphere was simply amazing. Nothing live I have been to in my life (even if it’s only AUS) even comes close.


Game was great although I’m happy that Clippers won it was a little bittersweet seeing them blow out the Celtics.. Would have liked to see the starters play more 😦 – they didn’t even play the 4th quarter because they were too ahead!

Ah well, great last night for Los Angeles! Tomorrow (today really) we set off for San Diego. Thank you and goodbye LA! It’s been so fun and exciting. See you soon Diego!!


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