USA Trip ’12-’13 – Day 5

We said farewell to Los Angeles this morning :(. We set off around 8AM en route for San Diego via the Pacific Coastal Highway (state route 1) and State route 5.

This way we tried to max out the number of beaches we stopped at and saw.

We started with Long Beach so we could connect to the Pacific Coastal Highway.


Then after a quick breakfast (for me coz I woke up late) – man, I keep getting tricked with ‘sandwiches’, first time it was like a burger and now it’s..


It was a good ‘sandwich’ so no complaints. I almost accidentally ordered 2 haha. The coffee (cappuccino) was alright too.. I haven’t run into bad coffee yet..

Anyway, next was a lunch break after a bit more driving. Decided to try Mexican since we’re heading to San Diego.


Then it was San Clemente.. Gosh that was a beautiful beach.


Afterwards we just tried to head for La Jolla but it got dark way too fast.. At least we got to witness the sunset:


After a bit of traffic and a few more miles we arrived safely at San Diego 🙂

I didn’t realise this place was such a party district. Maaan it’s so lively at this hour still. Then again, we are in the middle of downtown San Diego.

Food was great tonight too 🙂 so many places to eat and shop!

E, better be ready with a biiiiig welcome back face:


More beaches and old town San Diego tomorrow!


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