USA Trip ’12-’13 – Day 6

Fred is currently sitting next to my bed in his self claimed chair.. Which I can only assume means that he’s eagerly awaiting my blog post.
So here it is.

We didn’t quite plan out San Diego as sell as Los Angeles but we had an idea of what we wanted to do.

After a quick plan meeting last night amongst some drunks in the longue room and a guy who fell asleep smoking.. We decided well kick the day off with Old Town San Diego:


It’s quite an interesting area – so apparently the history is that the site for Old Town use to be the heart of San Diego but then they wanted to move closer to ports so it got LEFT BEHIND.

Kind of like Parramatta.

So then we went to La Jolla for a 2nd attempt to check out the beaches again. Stopped for lunch first at BUBBA’S:


Then it started raining so I got sad and comfort ate some more..


Because we couldn’t visit the beaches now due to the rain ruining our party.. We headed south, way south right up to the boarder of Mexico:


Haha nah, we were going to the outlet shops which were really close to the boarder. The others shopped a bit but I tried to hold back a bit because my bag has no wheels and I still need to lug a bit!

Pretty big day, had a quick dinner and went for a walk afterwards. San Diego downtown is interesting.. 4th to 6th street (we’re on 5th) is like party central..


Go up go 13th street it suddenly gets dark.. Quiet.. And a bit dangerous.. Haha, turned back, couldn’t take the intensity!

Last half day in San Diego, then we fly to San Francisco! No more driving, can worry a bit less now :). Has been fun driving!


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