USA Trip ’12-’13 – Day 7

Currently in the San Diego airport waiting for our San Francisco flight which got delayed by 40 minutes (joys of domestic :)) so I thought I may as well type up the first half of this entry.

Didn’t really have much of a plan today so Fred put together a quick ad hoc plan for us last night to visit Balboa Park which apparently was the 2nd most visited attraction in San Diego.


So we took an easy morning strolling around this park which seemed to be very close to the airport so we saw a few planes flying by.

I stopped to try this.. FUNNEL CAKE thing which.. Will probably be my last.


I think it’s called Funnel Cake because it looks like a funnel web spider’s web? No idea.. Doesn’t look like a funnel that’s for sure.

The lady asked how I’d like it in which I stared blankly back.

‘We have cream, chocolate syrup, sugar (sprinkled), and cinnamon.’

‘Any particular recommendations?’

‘I like it with cream and chocolate.’

‘Ok let’s go with that.’

She started covering the whole thing with cream then added the syrup.. Then asked if I’d like sugar.. Thought about it.. Yeah OK, then asked if I’d like cinnamon.. Thought about it.. Yeah OK.

Then we headed for car return and lunch at Denny’s – some diner chain which also exists on New Zealand, hah.


Had a bacon avocado burrito Mmm (breakfast style)


Ok I’ll update the rest later.. Boarding time!

(Second time trying to type this up.. Lost it the first time..)

Got to San Francisco airport about 6:30pm and boy was the airport packed.. Definitely a bit colder than Diego but still bearable.


Nothing much tonight, checked in about 8pm and went out around 8:45pm in time to go to Pearl’s Deluxe Burgers which was unfortunately closing at 9pm so we could only order burgers :(. They were very good though and I’m sure we’ll make an excuse to go back.


Just walked around a bit more after dinner and found a Lids as well as a sportswear store by Lids so I’ll definitely be hitting those up.

Spent the rest of the night just chilling at Union Square. Relaxing a bit before tomorrow’s big day that will feature a fair bit of walking and some cycling.


Ps. Have a great New Years my friends back home! Miss you all, too bad it’ll be 5am when the clock hits midnight for you. Keep it classy everyone. Thanks for a great year.


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