USA Trip ’12-’13 – Day 8

It’s 1:11am which means it finally ticked over the new year in San Francisco! So happy new year again everyone.

We just did a massive power walk back from the piers where the fireworks were held. We sat and waiting against some fences for about 3 hours in the cold.. We stood up at 11:30 and noticed we were pretty much trapped in.

My phone was out of batteries so I couldn’t get any firework shots but that’s ok, it’s no where near as good as Sydney so don’t worry :). It just seemed to have a lot more people smoking weed and doing meth.

Anyway before that..

This morning we headed towards Fisherman’s Wharf via Chinatown. I slept in so I didn’t have any hostel breakfast. Stopped by a little bakery+cafe for some bread and coffee.


Their cinnamon scrolls were so good.. Want another one. Coffee was good too 🙂 have to resort to cappuccinos here because flat white too Aussie..

After a bit more walking we made it to Chinatown:


I believed we briefly passed the financial district too..


The point of going to Fisherman’s Wharf was 2 fold. First, to get some CLAM CHOWDER:


Sooo delicious! Perfect for this weather too.

Then second, bike hire for the Golden Gate Bridge ride from Fisherman’s Wharf:


We took about 3.5 hours all up and it was such a great ride.


As some could probably tell from the mass amount of bridge photos I uploaded..

Not much else after that, just dinner and time killing for fireworks.

Pelican says happy new year 😛


Oh right.. Panorama..



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