USA Trip ’12-’13 – Day 9

Day 9! Hah, get it?

Free-ish day again today to do whatever so that started off with everyone sleeping in haha

We then went for brunch (our first brunch since we got here!) at Honey Honey which pretty much had a line to their door.

It was a crepe place which made me reminisce the Redfern one..


Decided to try their ‘house coffee’ (funny.. Always think of my uncle when I see diner style drip coffee).


Felt like I’ve been lacking the vegetables lately (mum would be so mad) so I ordered an eggplant crepe:


Anyway afterwards we pretty much just did whatever we wanted until 6:30pm or so.

I went to go get myself a mini down jacket and scarf to prep for the East Coast.. Then decided to try walk towards Alamo Square.


Thing is.. I walked on the wrong roads. I think I was walking on Market St and Turk St which bother looked very bad..

I walked along a combination of these two streets and their off streets.. Checking to make sure it didn’t look too bad..

I’m pretty sure I saw a combination of thugs, drug dealers, junkies, homeless, SFPD (San Francisco Police Department) arresting someone, syringes and weed.

The annoying thing was that not only was I fearing for my life (head down, hands in pockets the whole time.. Earphones in – hindsight prob wasn’t a good idea).. I couldn’t pull out my phone to check the map in case I get rolled.

Eventually I managed to reach this area, phew:


Finally got to check my map to find I was surprisingly close.. So I kept walking a bit more.


Coincidentally bumped into Fred who took the Japan Town route (safe way, zz) and so we continued together.


Towards the Golden Gate Park which was massive! We only managed about half of it. It’s a park that consists of botanical gardens, sports fields (like 2 baseball diamonds), museums.. Lakes.. And I’m sure there is more.


We met up again for dinner after finally making it back to the hostel. I think we clocked like 5 hours of walking.. Feet definitely not appreciating that.

Dinner was at Bangkok Noodle which was apparently one of the best Thai places in San Francisco. Had to line up for awhile but it was well worth it.

Ordered like 4 dishes and drinks for under $40! Mm Tom Yum to help the cold 🙂


Heading to Vegas tomorrow! Should be an interesting 3 days :). By principle I shouldn’t be reporting on what we do there right?


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