USA Trip ’12-’13 – Day 10

Going to keep this one brief because I’m a little tired and I need to wake up early tomorrow for the Grand Canyon!

Left San Francisco pretty early to head for Las Vegas. A day which had 2 quick flights and some quick change of scenery..

First stop was back to Long Beach.. One of the nicer airports on this trip!


I think half of the airport is completely for JetBlue which was such a good domestic airline! Thanks PF for the recommendation.

So after a few quick layover.. Hello Sin City!


I won’t get a chance to check The Strip out during the day but the day after we should be ok to do so.


Had a late dinner because we were sorting out a few things like checking in etc..

Quick bites here and there. We’ll try lock in a buffet some time. Can’t wait :)!


Some nice fountain performances from the Bellagio.

It’s just interesting how everything has a theme and the fact that this place is just in the middle of the desert.

A bit surreal..


Some interesting stories to share tomorrow I’m sure.

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