USA Trip ’12-’13 – Day 11

Today was such an early start – 5am or so that we could get ready for the tour to the Grand Canyon.

Had to wake up so early so that we could have breakfast..


Anyway it was like a 5 hour bus trip both ways, uggghhhh..

First stop was in.. Kingman, Arizona I think:


Then it was a lunch break at Williams, Arizona:


Very homely meal mm..

Oh right, snow:


Quite thick as well.. Love treading through snow, especially with that crunch sound.


I think we had one more stop then we were there after I passed out a bit:


The place is just fascinating and vast..


I think some day I’d like to come back to take the ‘Mule train’ down the Canyon along with driving along the freeways such as the old historic route 66.


Not much else really, just another 5 hours drive back haha.

Oh right, made a food stop and I found this flavour of crisps:


Need to figure out what to do tomorrow! Hopefully catch a show or something 🙂 last day in Vegas!

Ps. Of the 4 of us, I’m the only one not sick.. Feel like a zombie infection survivor!

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