USA Trip ’12-’13 – Day 12

Short one today because we had a bit of a free day in Vegas today to recover from the long day yesterday.

Quick start with breakfast at Denny’s again along with the drip coffee haha, no issues again :P, what poison?

The main highlight of the day was the lunch buffet at the Bellagio.

We lined up for about an hour which was considered ‘pretty good’ according to the staff.


It was a great buffet.. So much variety in everything from salads, meats, cold meats, soups, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, desserts.. And I’m sure there’s so much more. For like.. $23pp, shame on you The Star!

I think a lot of the guys just wanted to stock up on the fruit because we’ve been neglecting our bodies ‘a bit’..


But yeah the dessert range was so nice!


Felt a little bit sick and guilty after but I managed to avoid most of the traps like pastas and rice.. But I couldn’t resist the pizzas and tray of crispy bacon.

Not much else really after that. Just a lot more walking to digest while suffering food coma and trying to stay awake haha.

We waited till about 8pm to try catch the volcano at The Mirage. We headed there around 7:45pm thinking we’d miss it because we left a bit slow..

We got there 8pm on the dot after some jogging only to find a sign that said..

‘Temporarily closed for repairs.’

Worst. Show. Ever.

We topped the night off having a light dinner while watching the 2nd half of Lakers v Clippers. Woo! What a game, wish we got to see that live. Clippers and Bulls won today, great day :).

It’s been fun Vegas! I’ll never forget your bright lights, variety of people, and of course the stripper ads being handed out every 10 metres.

See you soon Dallas / Fort Worth!

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