USA Trip ’12-’13 – Day 13

Yeehaw we’ve arrived in Dallas, Texas!

Kind of a bit of divergence from your standard USA trip but I guess that’s what makes it our own right?

We’re staying at a hostel in Irving which is really someone’s house haha. The guy here is quite nice and hospitable and even gave us some suggestions for tonight.


Not sure if it’s just Dallas or Texas in general but they all seem quite friendly. Feels a bit like Australia when people walking by say ‘hello’ or ‘how’s it going?’ etc.

All very laid back too.

So we decided to go to Fort Worth for the night to try catch the Rodeo Show since it’s only on Fridays and Saturdays.

We had a quick dinner at Long John Silver’s which probably wasn’t the best idea..


Fried chicken AND fish? Man.. Never again haha, it was so overpowering.. Good though, but I can see how the people here are a bit more overweight…

Anyway we made mistake with catching the train into Fort Worth so we ended up finding ourselves at a children’s hospital to catch a cab.

It was a bit of drive since it is another city after all..

But hey it was worth the experience:


I mean it’s not everyday you get to see a show / competition like this:


Or like this:


A lot of different types of competitions ranging from kids chasing sheep / calf, lassoing calf and tying them, and of course bucking horse / bull.

Interesting town indeed!


Was a good night spent checking out Fort Worth which we probably wouldn’t have had a chance to otherwise.

Downtown Dallas tomorrow, short stay here, then we’ll be on our way to Florida.. Miami!


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