USA Trip ’12-’13 – Day 14

Oops, almost forgot to type this up for today. Last day in Dallas today, we’ll be heading out for Florida (Miami) tomorrow morning.. Hopefully that all goes well.

Dallas and Fort Worth have been an interesting leg of our trip, it’s been a combination of surprises and slight mishaps. But at the same time it has been interesting and informative – full of new experiences.

Apparently Houston is worth having a look, maybe for the future.. Or depending how well they do this season.

Went down to downtown Dallas today to have a look around. Had some funny adventures on the way there – good cafe / food stories (hint, bring it up when we catch up).


First was The Sixth Floor Museum, which use to be the Texas School Book Depository where JFK was shot from in 1963.

I knew he was assassinated but had no idea it was in Dallas.

Great museum though, very informative and engaging. Unfortunately no photos on the sixth floor.. Might be too controversial or something.


Could have a look at the view from 7th floor and the panels from 6th I guess.


Apparently the road where he got shot from, bottom right, also has an X marked on the road.. Didn’t see that but Fred has some pictures.

View from the other side..


Texas is apparently also known for its ‘barbecue’ so we had that for lunch, mm 1/2 pound of meat, 2 sides for $12.99..


We walked around a bit more after. Feels strange that Dallas is only recently been expanding public transport.

Likewise it’s a bit surprising seeing how quiet this town is compared to the rest of the ‘west’.

Either way, great people and interesting experiences. Tomorrow we move to the east and kick off the 2nd half of our trip!

3 weeks left!

Oh right, we raided the dollar menu at McDonald’s tonight..


They only had 1 size drink (refills).. So I had.. 1xSalad, 1xChilli McChicken, 1xDrink, 2xPies (Cherry & Apple – 2 for a dollar).. And shared a 20pc McNugget ($4.99)..

So like 4+2.5, around 7 dollars or so for dinner.. Love how salad is a dollar haha.

Miami see you soon! Time to beach bum, too bad I didn’t being board shorts.. Gotta get some.

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