USA Trip ’12-’13 – Day 15

If New York is the city that never sleeps.. Miami has to be the city that never stops partying.

Crazy. In a way I can see why Bosh and LeBron came here haha.

Bear with me this post, I’m a little light headed from a frozen pina colada and yes I’m lightweight. So technically this is almost a drunk post.

Ok.. So we left Dallas around 5:45am to catch a bus to the airport for a 8:40am flight to Miami with a layover at Charlotte.


Funny, we almost had the doors close on is because we thought some of the guys had not boarded yet. Lucky!

We got to Miami about 3:30pm and the dramatic weather change is crazy. Warm and humid here.. We’re actually using an a/c!


Beautiful sights everywhere.

We decided to go straight to the beach just a few blocks away.. So amazing how different these beaches are. The water looked quite clean too.


Too bad we face East and can’t see the sunset.


Here’s a panorama..


(phew, didn’t get bombed by Fred like last time).

Had a nice dinner at a Haitian restaurant.. I had this pork chunk dish.. The others had the goat stew which was apparently real good.


Anyway I think I better finish up as I’m dozing off..

Like how lovely it is so lively here compared to Dallas.

Ok here’s the drink that’s caused this dozing..


Crazy how sleepy I am now. We then went to get pizza.. Ate at the beach haha such nice weather.

Ok no more! Good night!

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