USA Trip ’12-’13 – Day 16

Last day and night in Miami! I feel a bit bittersweet knowing that we’re leaving tomorrow because it’s been a nice break in our hustle and bustle travelling (how funny.. Break in a break) but at the same time I’m excited to continue exploring the East (pizza in Chicago!!).

Still find it mind blowing how beautiful the weather has been here.. Almost doesn’t feel like the same country.

Anyway, today was a light day, just beach bumming in the morning and afternoon after lunch. Yep.


No photos from the morning because I went for a dip – water was so nice. Still amazed at how clean the water is. But the afternoon session contained relaxing by the beach with Arizona ice tea (funny how it says it’s proudly American but then on the other side it says product of Canada..).


And a Twix ice cream bar! Mm..


As I said.. This place is just amazing for winter haha, summer would be so good.


Dinner was at a place called Otentic which Fred found at a glance on TripAdvisor. Amazing place, great service.. Convincing waiter (made me upgrade my steak haha – $23 for 2 pieces of Rib-Eye, can’t complain), and lots of commentaries (white wine, biscotti and dip, and unlimited bread).


We ordered hmm.. A Provence Salad(?) to start:


And like I mentioned.. They convinced me to take the special, which was great haha


Fred’s duo fish looked good


And so did Bonnice’s pasta


Met a nice couple during our meal and they were constantly asking us how our meals were because they weren’t sure what to order haha. Heard some good things about our destinations to come, excited :).

Walked for a bit after dinner and witnessed a very dramatic sudden windy rain.


But it went away pretty quickly.. As the cafe staff said, hopefully it was just a cloud.

Oh right, topped the night off with an Ice Cappuccino 🙂


Cherry on top was seeing Heat lose to Pacers.

See you soon Orlando! I hope the transport and accommodation stuff goes ok.. Bit anxious!

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