USA Trip ’12-’13 – Day 17

Quick one because we spent today in transit from Miami to Orlando. It’s like.. Hotter here, crazy. What winter?

Clippers up at the moment.. Hopefully they win by the end of my post.

Here we go – set off around 6am to catch a coach to Orlando. Don’t remember much of it because I slept the whole way..


Sore from the ride though because the seats were a bit cramped. Not looking forward to the 20+ hours flight back!

I think the ride was about 4 hours all up? Woke up half way when the coach driver was going, everyone on the bus? And I couldn’t find Fred! Dun dun! Ninja seat move.


That was the view from the hotel. Hmm.. Oh right, lunch. No wait before that..

When we got off at the bus stop area there were all these drivers waiting. At first I thought they were taxis but as we jumped in..

No meter.. No taxi id.. Cracked windscreen.. Hmmm..

Ok lunch, TGI Fridays! It was only a matter of time I reckon..


Er.. Food photo dump!






Pretty good deals, you get an entrée (first 2 photos) and a main for $10 or $16 depending on the type.

Afterwards we wanted to try head to the Outlet malls nearby. It’s almost like a mirage because it looks very close.. Like I can see it from our window. But it’s fenced up and across a highway so you can’t cross it. Well.. I suppose you could try. Either jail or death.


We ended up walking around and around until we gave up and just taxi’d it. Took 8 minutes -.-..

Ah well.

Wet n Wild tomorrow, hope weather holds :D. Stay frosty everyone in Sydney!

Oh hey, Clippers win, sweet 😀


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