USA Trip ’12-’13 – Day 18

Today was quite a fun day! We spent most of the day in Wet ‘n Wild from open to close!

I remember going once in the Gold Coast back in year 6.. Man it’s been too long.


We were the first into the park actually haha. No queues on all the rides, so good.

Anyway I don’t have a lot of photos during the day because my phone was in the locker the whole time.


So afterwards when we finished we decided to walk to Universal Studios’ City Walk to look for a restaurant.

Found a restaurant called NBA City!


They had all these basketball sculptures which had handprints of past and current basketball players.. Scottie Pippen has hands of a beast man.

We decided to go eat at Hard Rock Cafe since it was apparently one of the better ones around the country.. Probably because of how much memorabilia was around.


Food was quite good, but once again.. Ate too much ughhh really need to start cutting back and controlling myself. My return plan is looking daunting.


All and all a great day though 🙂 good weather and the perfect place to spend it! Last full day in Orlando tomorrow.


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