USA Trip ’12-’13 – Day 20

We have arrived in Washington DC today and checked into probably the nicest hostel (Capital View) so far (no shoe policy for the win).

Really makes the place we stayed at in Orlando seem so desolate and far away from everything.. Like a 2 hour trip to the airport haha.


Alright, so we got to DC around 6pm (yay, jetBlue again) which meant we really only had time to check in, eat and walk around a bit. We’re quite close to Chinatown so most of the sites are quite close.

(wtf I just lost my post, damn you WP app! Working off short term memory now)


Then again, everything is quite close like Canberra.


Love how there is Chinese characters on most shops here. Oh, I think the Wizards beat the Hawks today by 10 at home. Nice season debut for Wall.


Had dinner at a place called California Tortilla – good break from all the heavy meals lately.


They had a massive range of hot sauces from 1 to 10+ (Dave’s Insanity).

A bit more walking after dinner down 7th street.


It was quite foggy tonight so it should look better tomorrow.


Oh, we found a park which had sculptures and an ice rink open from morning till night.


(phew, most of that post recovered in 3 minutes thanks to SwiftKey :D)

We topped off the night (you know.. This cool weather is a welcome change from the Floridian humidity) with a dessert crepe.


Mm, chestnut paste and banana :).

Big day of walking tomorrow! Should be a good one.


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