USA Trip ’12-’13 – Day 23

Today was a great day! Despite a miserable early start in Washington DC because of the rain and getting to the airport.. Once the plane landed in Chicago, day was just all uphill (in a good way).


Oh and..


Know the airline? We could only avoid it so long haha.

This hostel that Bonnice picked out is awesome (Getaway Chicago), very arty, spacious, clean and the staff are real nice (and helpful). Wifi could be stronger but that’s ok!


So really I had 4 main things I wanted to do in Chicago:

1. Try deep dish pizza
2. Visit United Center (go Bulls!)
3. See Cloudgate (The Bean)
4. Go to the ledge in Skydeck (Willis Tower)

Today we crossed off the first one already!


Pizza capital of the world.


You’ll have to bear with the red, the reflections of the room from the table cloth was a bit overwhelming.

Was like eating a pie.. A delicious, juicy.. pie that tasted like pizza.

For the night we decided to go visit The Second City for a comedy sketch + improv performance. Love how both these things we did today were in walking distance.


So upon doing some research, this place is where a lot of actors and comedians ‘springboard’ into places like SNL (Saturday Night Live – e.g. Tina Fey).

Tonight’s show was using an underlying theme of the world today and its culture / values – at least that’s my take haha!


Unfortunately no photos were allowed but it was freaking hilarious. If I had laughed this much and this hard this whole trip.. It would have negated so much of my eating.

It was only like $25 a ticket for 3 hours. Just awesome, especially the improv parts where they would ask the audience to shout out keywords.

If you’re visiting Chicago you need to add this to your list. DO IT!


It’s like our first negative temperature city. Strange seeing random sheets of ice on the streets but it’s been manageable.

More list crossing tomorrow!


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