USA Trip ’12-‘ 13 – Day 24

Oooh reaching the 30 day mark soon, with 2 destinations left this trip is definitely coming to an end fast.

I’m feeling OK about it though – been away for so long I feel like I need to get back to being productive.

As for now.. I need to get off this building!


Alright not that dramatic. This was the first part of our day today – SkyDeck at the Willis Tower which is a 103 story building with a few glass ledges to step onto.

Or do things like this..


Gotta said though, it’s definitely a bit strange stepping out onto the glass because you automatically look down. Head gets a bit light haha. Glass was cold ._.

Ok afterwards was a quick pre-lunch snack at America’s Dog because apparently Chicago Style Hot Dogs are a must!


Apparently the owner and his brother travelled all of the States to sample the best hot dogs of each major city.. So many to choose from! But yeah I was just there to try the Chicago one.


Which was delicious! Notice the absence of tomato sauce / ketchup? Loved the pickle slice they gave along with the peppers.

So after food was Millennium Park..


Remember I had 4 main things I wanted to do in Chicago. With SkyDeck done and the deep dish pizza done that left 2 things.

3rd one? See The Bean!


It’s massive! Bigger than I expected. So glad there was blue skies when we went to visit.


So that left 1 thing to do.. But before that we had to have lunch, hot dog was just not enough!

We were originally going to try Lou Malnati’s deep dish pizza because the hostel staff reckons it was more authentic but the one nearby opened too late.

But that’s ok, who cares if I crossed it off already?!


Oh before that, salad here was great but I can’t see it being too healthy haha.


Can’t have too much of this pizza.. Buttermilk crust? Bam! Delicious.


Did a bit of shoe shopping afterwards in Chicago’s Niketown for new runners. This trip has me so motivated to lose weight this year..


Oh, almost off track. So what was the last thing? That’s right. Pay homage to His Airness.


So I hopped on the train (love the L train here) and went to find The United Center purely for this statue.


As per the caption. Oh, notice the footprints are frozen? Crazy temperature today.


When I started heading back today it snowed a bit which was quite exciting although I’d imagine nothing special for the locals haha.

Quick dinner at a Thai place to warm up!


Museum day tomorrow – better be better than The Powerhouse Museum!

Fancy panorama photo for the Facebook preview..


Oh sweet, Bulls just beat the Raptors in overtime just as I finished. That’s 8 wins in this 9 game road trip. Daaaaamn.

Edit: oh.. Panoramas don’t work for preview, fail. Ok what about this?!


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