USA Trip ’12-’13 – Day 25

I’m pretty sure I have died and come back to life today because of dinner (which was awesome by the way).

Spent the main chunk of today at the Museum of Science and Industry which is apparently the biggest science museum on northern hemisphere or something. One of those interactive museums – think Questacon but 100 times better.


Just the main area was pretty overwhelming.


They had some really sweet exhibits like the storms.


Unfortunately when things are hands on I tend not to pay too much attention and just go press all the buttons and dials haha.


They even got D-Rose to help out! Gasp!


A quick lunch downstairs and we continued our trek. We pretty much stayed there from when they opened till when they closed.


This table top digital music thing was really fun to play with haha.


Flipper machine!


Was definitely a great place to check out in Chicago. Oh, did I mention they had free Daytona 2? Yep!

It was also freezing tonight for some reason, like much worse than yesterday haha..


Pipe leaks freezing into icicles..

Anyway so dinner was at Portillo’s Hog Dogs. Despite the name they were better known for their Italian beef sandwiches (subs).


We walked a bit to get here and it was our last night so I got the combo.. Italian beef + sausage..


The beef was so nice, the whole damn thing was nice. It was kind of like bulgogi haha.


Ah right, the onion rings were awesome too. Like BK / Hungry Jack’s but better.

This one is Fred’s – the classic one that they’re known for.


We went a bit crazy and got sundaes after.. I’m still figuring out why we did that.


Definitely still hurting hahaha.

Leaving Chicago tomorrow morning (early again!) for Boston. This makes me a bit sad.. But at least I get to watch the Bulls take on Celtics tomorrow night.. Have to pretend to be a Celtics fan or I’ll die there haha.

It’s been so fun and delicious Chicago! I’ll definitely come back some day.

Oh that’s right, Suits is finally back, woooooo (better be good).

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