USA Trip ’12-’13 – Day 26

Landed in Boston today but seriously I only had one thing in mind today.. The Bulls v Celtics game! Their last road trip game of the latest 9 I think.

So glad the schedules matched up. Would have loved to see them in United Center but that’s ok.

Before that but.


Not sure if you can tell but there are a lot of snow / ice patches around. Crazy, I can’t believe it’s colder than Chicago here.

It was a pretty simple trip to the hostel which was great.


The rooms are quite nice too. Fred split with us today because we had a fallout, sick of seeing him anyway. Ok I’m kidding (who could fight with me, right?) but he’s seeing his sister so down to 3 for tomorrow.

Short trip actually for Boston, just 1.5 days and I already spent have of it very well.

Fred usually helps plan our day and meals but since he wasn’t around I am free to run amok. So what do I do?

Take them to eat Taiwanese food, muaha!


Tucked away in a little alley in Oxford St.


Jae-Gon feeling adventurous and tried spicy stinky tofu. Nice choice.


Not sure how to translate that to English (the braised pork bun) but I believe Bonnice enjoyed it.

We also ordered a big bowl of hot and sour soup. I can’t believe that was only $5..


And I had some chicken and bean dish, Mmm.. Makes me miss mum’s cooking a bit. Place was called Taiwan Cafe.

I loved how the waitress gave me a smirk when I asked if they sold pearl milk tea (answer was no).

So.. That was really it, pre-game stuff.. Here we go. The rest of the night?


Waiting for the train to..


Oh before that.. Gotta love the train system in Boston and Chicago. Fixed prices to ride trains and cheap transfers (like 25c?) don’t need to swipe again to exit. So much more efficient..

Anyway so..


I pretty much watched the game in silence since I was rooting for the Bulls. As soon as they entered.. Waves of boos streamed the stadium.


I gotta say, Celtics have a great fan base. Must be so intimidating to play here. If the screaming and boo’ing isn’t enough to throw you off.. Just look up.


The number of championships and retired numbers should.


It was such a close game with Celtics trailing close until the 4th quarter. Then everyone stood up for the last minute.


I believe Rondo drained a jumper to get them ahead by 2 with 20s left. Everyone screamed and cheered.

Only to get silenced with 2s left by captain Kirk draining the jumper to tie after a clutch forced jump ball by the Bulls defense (lots of boos here).


So happy I got to experience an overtime game. Man I had to bite myself to stop myself from shouting out. It was so close in OT as well.

Once again.. Last few seconds, everyone on their feet again.


Jason Terry drains a jumper with 8 seconds left to bring them ahead by 1.

Crowd goes nuts and start high five’ing each other. After a quick 20s timeout from the Bulls.

Belinelli gets the ball.. Drives and fades funny, falling down. But.. Ball goes in!

Right then at that second.. I witnessed the whole TD Garden go silent in disbelief. The lady in front of me looked around with her mouth open like the Easter Show game with the :O clowns (and ping pong balls).

Crazy night. I had to quickly run away.. I even temporarily turned off my WhatsApp Bulls wallpaper just in case LOL.

Walking out of the stadium with people shouting.. ‘Man that was BULLSHIT!!’

Great win, great night. LOVE IT.


Can’t wait till Rose is back.


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