USA Trip ’12-’13 – Day 28

“As long as your jeans still fit then you’re still OK.”

Haha very reassuring quote from one of our fellow travellers.

Anyway so we’ve landed today in The City that Never Sleeps! The final leg of our trip. Just one week left, can you believe it?!

Hmm, hope the implementation reversal at work went in today OK haha.. Mind still half here!


Johnny Rockets before flying, mm missed this place back when they were still around in Castle Towers.


Accidentally deleted the plane shot, damn.. Subway photo instead.

We checked in and decided to grab some early dinner at ‘Lombardi’s’ which was apparently the first pizza joint of the nation.


We shared an 18″ pizza with meatballs and spinach + garlic. Mmmmmm delish :)!


We decided to get a bit more food at Applebee’s, probably wasn’t the best idea but ah well..

Walked around a bit in Times Square.


Just to have a look around and soak up the Manhattan night life.


We then went to Junior’s for cheesecake.. I don’t think we’ll be doing that again haha. New York cheesecake way too rich for me!

Got 2 types – Devil’s Food (half chocolate half cheesecake, more like 80%! And red velvet):


Crazy stuff, so strong.. Glad I got THIS to wash it down:


Oh, we found one of the many Shake Shacks 🙂 we’ll definitely go there some time / a few times haha.


A bit sleepy but looking forward to tomorrow.. Got the Ground Zero memorial booked for the morning and the Brooklyn @ Knicks game :D!

Need to get some jerseys too teehee. Wonder which NYK jersey I should get..

Anyway.. Hopefully it’ll be a tight game!

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