USA Trip ’12-’13 – Day 30

Oh! Day 30! 5 more days to go. Anyone excited?

The weather has been freaking cold lately for some reason. I guess I can’t really complain but man the first day was so nice then suddenly.. Think I got wind burn on my legs..

Maybe Central Park straight away was not a good idea.


I didn’t take many photos because my hands would freeze up fast.


Think I found Rat Rock! Look at those chalk marks. Crazy holds – empty today because the rock was like ice.


They were blowing snow for some winter jam or something they run during this season.


Someone correct me but is this where they filmed part of the last episode of Gossip Girl?


Went to a place called ‘good enough to eat’ for lunch – Cafe style! Couldn’t handle the cold no more.


Soup – like gumbo and pasta Mmm…

Oh and of course:


Latte – closest to Flat White here.


Went to a bakery nearby to have cookies because they’re well known for it.

But man..


It was great but maybe not a good idea after lunch.


Worth checking out, Levain Bakery on 167 W on 7th St.

Ok so.. Afterwards we headed back towards Broadway / Times.

First stop, Niketown!


5 storeys haha, quite a nice store worth checking out.


Oh and I found this thing afterwards..


Got a few shirts in Uniqlo and then had dinner in preparation for ‘Chicago’. Oh, found a Modell’s which was awesome.. Discounted jerseys and sport gear.. Why can’t Rebel Sports be like that?!


Couldn’t take any photos but this musical was definitely worth seeing. Easy to understand as well.

Seeing a Rangers (NHL) game tomorrow at MSG again! First Ice Hockey game! Whoa..


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