USA Trip ’12-’13 – Day 31

The weather keeps dropping lately! Kind of looking forward to going back now in a few more days haha.

Had a late start today to catch up on some sleep and do the laundry, yes, I like my clothes clean.

Throat was tingling a bit, hope I don’t get sick just before I get back.

Because it was so cold I decided to have ramen – did a bit of a search and found Totto Ramen was a pretty popular choice.


As you can kind of see, quite popular.


Had to go sign the name then go back outside and wait in the cold haha.

Got their Spicy Totto Ramen (Chicken base) mm..


So good, it was the right level of chilli too! Especially for this kind of temperature.

I think if we can catch an off time I might go back.


Headed towards MoMA afterwards (Museum of Modern Art) for a quick browse.


I don’t completely understand art in general.. My creative and abstract side is too hidden away.

I need things to be pretty straight forward.


Like that, see I can tell it’s like sofas and hidden beds.


They had some featured famous paintings and art works like Starry Starry Night.


The Scream..


Andy’s soups haha or whatever it was called.

I met up afterwards with the others for the hockey game tonight. We had a quick dinner at Wendy’s – haha, Son of Baconinator.


Tonight’s game was New York Rangers vs Boston Bruins. Good old rivalry match up.

First time seeing an ice hockey game so I didn’t quite get it. More so to soak up MSG fan culture again haha.


Man I love this arena. It’s just so nice..


It went to overtime for like 30 seconds and well, victory to the home team, woo!


Apparently it might snow tomorrow. Might hurt our plans a bit.. Wanted to go to Empire State. We’ll see how it goes. Few days to go go!


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