USA Trip ’12-’13 – Day 32

2nd last day! And it got even colder, it’s weird because the sun is up and shining brightly but it doesn’t do anything!

Kicked off today with visiting the Empire State Building. Mm steampunk, reminds me of Bioshock πŸ˜›


Must be too cold or something because the lines.


Were non existent. Mind you, this was like 10:30am.


Just took a few shots here and there, no panoramas because it was way too cold.

So after we headed down we went to Union Square for lunch – wanted ramen but the place we went to (Republic) was more so a noodles place.


Still very good but! Got the spicy coconut chicken πŸ˜€


Along with some Japanese style eggplant mm..


Damn it, I can’t figure out why my photo timestamps keep going whack causing it to order incorrectly..

Anyway.. After lunch we headed towards Battery Park to have a glimpse of the statue since Liberty Island is closed.


If you look hard enough..


We continued our conquest of braving the cold by crossing Brooklyn Bridge.


Really nice walk despite being blasted in the face constantly.


I went solo after we got to Brooklyn and headed towards Grand Army Plaza.

Made a quick stop at Barclays Center to have a quick look at the newest NBA stadium.


Actually looks really impressive. Love how it loops around with screens wrapped inside.


And there was the plaza – first defenders of union!


Love how they gave the JFK bust a scarf haha.
Rested a bit and headed out again for Avenue Q! I said to myself I had to watch this no matter what.

I missed it 2 or 3 years ago when they came to Sydney so I wasn’t going to let it slip again.

I have listened to the soundtrack over 20 times from start to end and I still wasn’t disappointed!


Unfortunately no photos at all.. So you’ll just have to trust me (or YouTube) that it was really good.

Ahh great night.. Went to a burger joint afterwards for a quick late bite at ‘Mother Burger’ funny because their go-to burger is called ‘Single Mother’ (delicious!).

No photos because it was too dark :(.. But was good and also the Knicks @ Boston game was on (Knicks win yay).


That’s the place.

Last day tomorrow, let’s see how to pack it.. Some last minute shopping. New basketball hopefully it won’t break because I had it deflated!

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