USA Trip ’12-’13 – Day 33

Boom! And that’s a wrap, 33 days of the US finished!!

Technically there is a day 34 but it’s spent flying.. we’ll be flying back to LA tomorrow in the morning which takes 6 hours and probably just camp in LAX until our flight to Sydney via Fiji.

Hoping the snow has stopped for good so we won’t get delayed tomorrow. Then again that’s why we set aside so much time.


Look at that, snowfall for our last day! Kind of bittersweet haha.

Alright so we’re all kind of low on money now since it’s the last day. Kind of a cheap day today.


Had to have breakfast still of course. Then we headed to the Sony Wonder Lab as it was free and interactive haha.


Oh look, Fred performing virtual heart surgery lol.


Glad we got there early because the school kids started piling on for excursions after.

After a quick lunch at one of these ‘Deli’ things..


I really need to learn to not over pile these by-weight buffets haha.

Quick stop at Niketown for a new pair of basketball kicks.


Missed that decor the first time!

Then we continued on to Queens for the Museum of Moving Image.


Probably doesn’t do it justice but it’ll have to do.. Note the sky colour.


Really cool museum, free on Fridays after 4pm – how nice.

Went straight for the retro video game area haha.


Apparently the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) will have a new exhibit in March for video game history and art! This’ll do for now.


Oh and of course, this museum had history of movies and film.


Had a few pieces from films like..


We spent about 2 and a half hours in the museum and as we were heading out we realised..


What’s with the footprint trail?



For dinner we tossed between a final burger (5 Napkin) or this panini place that was a must-visit for Queens. So we went for the panini place.


I guess we’re a little over the burgers and pizzas for now.


The special one I ordered had things like mac ‘n cheese and pulled pork along with some other stuff. So good!! Want more.. Fred’s one seemed nice too.

Place is called IL BAMBINO.

And.. I suppose that’s it! Hopefully tomorrow goes smoothly at the airport and all.

See you all soon :D!

Ps. If I’m bored at LAX I might post a summary.. Maybe..

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