Cafe Passport ’12 – Epilogue 01

It’s been awhile since I have touched my blog.. since the end of my US trip – fingers been tingling a bit to type something up apart from work emails and project documents.

It’s kind of interesting how last year I didn’t really post about anything else except for cafe / food experiences.. 2011 and 2010 were very different type of entries haha. Love that WP released a year review for blogging.. looks like it’s private 😦 can’t share my love of stats.

Anyway.. a few things have happened the last few weeks like my system harddrive dying. So I haven’t been bothered to re-install Photoshop so it’ll be a different format, hence the “epilogue”. Then again the photos were kinda late.. but as always, thank you E.

Let me quickly say a thank you to my fellow cafe buddies who have made 2012 such an enjoyable year with discovering Sydney’s cafes and restaurants; so many hidden gems! I’m so glad I got my act together and out of the house. A very big thank you to E for helping me get started and sharing the same passion!

May 2013 bring even more discoveries and have our tastebuds running wild again!

This one is..

Runcible Spoon | 27 Barr St, Camperdown NSW 2050


Very packed – got lucky with the seating for sure.

I need to think back a bit.. Runcible Spoon.. can’t remember how E found it but she smashed it into our tracking spreadsheet with the comment: “Pork Belly~” and she really only has a few rules – if there’s duck or pork belly, we have to order it (I wonder what happens if we don’t? Hm.. worth trying sometime).

Yeah I can't remember what the drawing was supposed to be :)

Yeah I can’t remember what the drawing was supposed to be 🙂

Let’s see.. I’m pretty sure that day for some reason we all ordered Flat Whites. Which was good – but I can’t remember the beans / roast, I remember trying to take extra care and notice of them because they’re not the common brands we see.. but man, way too long – sorry!


Someday I’ll learn this. Someday.

Baaaaaah I don’t remember what we ordered!! I think this burger thingy was the pork belly, whatever, it was good.. I’m pretty sure it was LOL.


Pork Belly.. burger? With bacon?

Ugh.. it just gets worse and worse this memory of mine. “Breakfast” lol! With poached eggs, bacon, tomato and bread, yep yep yep.. Of course E conducted her poached egg test and yes, passed with flying colours.


Yeah.. breakfast plate thingy.

Refresher: the poached egg test:


Has that nice consistency 🙂

I believe E ordered this for me – BLT. I’m pretty easy going and I have a soft spot for BLT / BLAT 🙂 can’t ever really go wrong with it!


BLT – I remembered this one at least.

OK.. this was supposed to be one of their signature dishes.. pork belly.. with.. rice.. some funky thai sauce.. and “tiger eggs”?.. something like that, yep. Pretty sure of it. That pork belly.


Try this if you ever go.

Women are really amazing sometimes – you saw the amount of food we ordered (for 4). Let me put it in context.. this was about what, 11AM / 11:30AM? We had badminton at like 1PM.. all that food and despite that they still had stomach for:


Some kind of cheesecake.

By this time I was pretty much entering the food coma zone so I didn’t try it. But I’m sure it was good.. otherwise they would have complained right?

There’s not much else to say about this place really.. service was good and staff were friendly. Food was really good and I’d definitely like to go back. I’ll probably take mum there to check it out, listen to her comment on how weird some of the stuff looks haha.

Cool, 2 more epilogues to go! No wait.. 3 I think, whatever, I’ll check later.

Fixes from S (thanks):

I think the tiger eggs were actually Thai eggs with pork belly. The one with poached eggs has a potato roti (pancake thing) under it, and I can’t remember about the burger – even though I was the one who ordered it :) .


4 thoughts on “Cafe Passport ’12 – Epilogue 01

  1. S says:

    Nice review, it will be interesting to check out the new pic styles, you should have more space for pics now.
    I think the tiger eggs were actually Thai eggs with pork belly. The one with poached eggs has a potato roti (pancake thing) under it, and I can’t remember about the burger – even though I was the one who ordered it :).

    • sukari89 says:

      If I do test.. It’ll be blogged under experience for sure.

      As for photos, thanks but I can’t be stuffed installing PS and don’t wanna edit with paint.. kao ni lor ^^

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