Cafe Passport ’12 – Epilogue 02

Whoops, got a little carried away with watching Nip/Tuck.

Hmm I’ll put this down as part of the Cafe Passport but I think it’s more of a restaurant.. but it’s a diner hmm.. so that’s kind of in the middle right? Haha.

It’s quite good timing actually because it was a few weeks before my USA trip – so it set a good baseline for me to compare the food with over there.. although really there really wasn’t much competition once I got there (:P).

Gah, got distracted again haha. OK!

Jazz City Diner | 238 Crown Street, Darlinghurst NSW 2010

Jazz City Milk Bar | Republic 2 Courtyard Palmer Street, Darlinghurst, NSW 2010


This was their dessert front – I’ll explain later.

Yeah we didn’t quite get a photo of the main shop but it’s not as exciting looking as their dessert one anyway! Oh right, their main shop was mainly diner food and they seemed to move most of the dessert except one of their (sweet) pies.. can’t remember which one. Their new shop (Milk Bar) is on the street behind Crown.


Burger.. forgot what.. with sweet potato fries!!

Once again.. bear with the memory! Also, I had to look twice at these photos (from E) because I recall the room being darker-lit o.O.. her camera was probably just too good haha.


Chilli Cheese Fries – remembered this one!

Yummy! I had a lot of this in America too actually, but with the thinner chips – well “fries” really. I have to say that from memory they have pretty good chips. Hmm what else did we order..


Onion Rings 😀 and Chicken Wings~

Loved the onion rings – this kind of batter is awesome. The other kind (browner.. with more crumbs) not so much but these ones are so nice! They had this chilli sauce that came in like a mini toothpaste tube.. strange.


Mac ‘n Cheese!

Wait.. it wasn’t just Mac n Cheese I think, there’s a bit more to it but the base of it was Mac n Cheese I think.


Gumbo, I’d like to go and get a bowl next time!

Gumbo makes me kind of wish that I went to New Orleans for the trip haha. A nice kind of chilli mm..

There were only the 3 of us this time, but I think other than the apparent cardinal rule that E has there is an underlying rule that we have to get dessert. Because of that we dropped by their Milk Bar.


Root Beer Float

I remember having a milkshake.. but now I’m not sure anymore.. pretty sure I did though.. hmmmmmmmmm.. I had to have drank something that night!!


Cherry Pie 😀

Cherry pie was nice – the only other cherry pie I got to have in the States was from maccas unfortunately. Then again I’m not usually a big fan of sweet pies. Meat pies on the other hand.. (more on this tomorrow – if I remember).


Banana split

S & E – was it good? Haha by this time I couldn’t handle it anymore..

I have been meaning to go back but it might need to wait a bit because I’m still recovering a bit from all the eating from my trip. Burgers and onion rings mmm.. only a matter of time haha.

One thought on “Cafe Passport ’12 – Epilogue 02

  1. S says:

    It was good – the mac n cheese was just mac n cheese (but it inspired me to make cooking it at home work, so all the good), I’m fairly sure you had a milkshake as well, and I recall dessert being good – but I ate way too much of it (have to remember what E means when she says share :)).

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