Cafe Passport ’12 – Epilogue 03

2 more to go, well 1 more after this one then I can close the back cover of this mini book we’ve compiled.

Miserable weather to start off Autumn 2013.. and there’s a mosquito buzzing around my room that I can’t track down.. it better not bite me tonight.

Anyway off-topic, here we go, today we go to hipster town!

The Pie Tin | 1a Brown Street, Newtown NSW 2042


I did hint about pies yesterday right? 😉

The interior makes it fit into Newtown quite well haha. Very extensive range on the menu and I think it definitely feels more worth it than say.. Pie Face or something.


Love that they use the pie tins for the order numbers

I think E was super excited to go here because of the Maltesers pie (more on that later) as for now.. some real (savoury) pies!


Can’t remember what it was though!

Oh right, pulled pork? I think..


Looks like pork right?

I can’t remember how many pies we ordered.. I thought it was 2 savoury and 1 sweet.. but I think it’s 3 now? Hmm damn this memory. These last 3 posts make me feel like I just woke up and had all these photos in front of me and tried to piece stuff together.. or making it up, who knows?


The pumpkin mash was great though 🙂

Their sides were nice, coleslaw, pumpkin mash.. fries, I think there were others too, never had a pie combination like that.


This should be the third pie, forgot what’s inside ._.

Some kind of meat pie, I’m pretty sure we got a lamb one.. pork one.. chicken one? Maybe beef.. either way, should all be different meats.


The Maltesers Pie!

There you go, look at this.. soooo sweet and rich but it was quite good. Look at how thick that layer is. Wonder what the one at Cafe Ish is like?


Coffee! Flat White(?)

Annnnnnnnd it wouldn’t be a proper cafe post without a feature of coffee right? Here it is. Look, it’s like overflowing! Coffee and Pie, now that’s a champion combo.


Flat White too?

Usually someone gets a Cappuccino but that doesn’t look like one so I’m guessing that’s just Flat White.

So there we go, 1 more to go! Which is not going to be too exciting because I had to take the photos and I’m lazy. In hindsight I probably should have posted this one last and post the short one today.. damn it.

Hindsight is 20/20 right? Yay for the weekend!







One thought on “Cafe Passport ’12 – Epilogue 03

  1. S says:

    My memory is also bad on this, but that was sweet potato mash, because they didn’t have sweet potato chips. Looking at the menu online, I think we had slow roasted beef brisket, hickory smoke & mushrooms and slow roasted shredded pork with apple & bbq sauce. Was it only the three of us? If it was, we prob only got two pies, and I can’t for the life of me remember what the third one might have been. (I thought taking pics was supposed to help :)).

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