Cafe Passport ’12 – Epilogue 04 [END]

And this will close off 2012. Not to fear, 2013 will kick off soon as there are some exciting lineups.

Short and sweet this one because I didn’t put much effort into it since no E to take photos.

Oh great.. 3 photos LOL

Envy Cafe Gallery | 109 Smith St, Summer Hill NSW 2130


Mm could use with another one now actually.

You know what.. this is going to be so short I’m not even going to insert the “More” line.

So in short, I think E was on a cruise for a wedding and the other guy dogged it (was sick) =P. So it was just S and I.


Er.. probably BLT.

As the name of the place would suggest – this is half a cafe and half a gallery. As it may seem at a glance.. they probably get most of their customers from the cafe part of it. In a way it reminds me of that episode of How I Met Your Mother when Lily is trying to sell her art at different places haha.

Oh reminds me of Food Scene in Cherrybrook – that was probably the first time I saw a “cafe” with gallery.


BG: Breakfast Burrito? FG: BLT =P Yes, I was lazy.

See what happens when I’m in charge of photos? At least they’re not blurry.. or as blurry or whatever.

From memory (or me wanting to sleep..) I’m sure the food tasted great haha. Though when it comes to Summer Hill I think I’d still prefer to go to Plunge. Mm eggs.

And that’s a wrap! Shall find time to kick off this year.


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