S.Korea Trip ’12 – Part 2

I always do this.. I always wake up in the morning telling myself that I’ll sleep earlier (more) but by the time I get through the work day, come home, exercise and finally sit down to relax (usually in front of my computer) it’s like – Hey suddenly it’s tomorrow.

Then my mind decides to think stupid thoughts like, you know what would be a great idea RIGHT now at 12:36AM? Type up the next part of your Korea trip.. yeah!

So.. here we go, part 2 after we survived the Korean DMZ.


Cheonggye Stream – more on this later.

I almost had a little panic attack looking for my Korea Trip photos – thought a chunk of it was missing! Scary.

I realised I didn’t talk much about that night after the tour. So if we pick up right where I stopped.. we got back to Hongdae at night and this time I was saying I wanted to try the (fried) chicken because Hans had been telling me that was 50%+ of his diet weekly (maybe a little exaggeration).

Hongdae is really quite a special place at night, it lights up and comes to life – but not really in a trashy way (probably wasn’t out late enough).


Street performers – phone camera for the next few photos.

Get ready for blurry photos galore! I didn’t bring my camera out at night – explains why I missed a bunch of photos haha.


I don’t remember the restaurant name 😀

So er.. I thought this was a fried chicken restaurant because it had a chicken as its logo.. but I wasn’t right.. Till this day I’m still not too sure what kind of restaurant it was. It did have some kind of chicken I guess.


These sausages were awesome – the sauce too.

Mmm 🙂 Reminiscent of chinese-style sausages, a little sweet too.


So I was in charge of ordering the chicken.. failed.

Well failed in the sense it was supposed to be fried but it turned out to be a plate-bake one. Was still good! Just wasn’t fried chicken haha. The potato wedges were quite nice.

So we walked around the area a bit afterwards. Hans pointed out a few interesting shops and stores like the cocktail place that sells drinks in plastic bags – the original one anyway. But I couldn’t find it again after I was walking around with Mich I mean – Shirley haha =P.

So we came across this cafe called Snob, I wonder if they knew what it meant?


Cafe called Snob.

I would later be told that although restaurants and food is generally quite cheap (compared to Australia / Sydney) stuff like cake and coffee in cafes were a different story. It was almost like they’re like “high class”. So the coffee (although very nice – Koreans know their brew man), is almost the same price as Australia. A lot of their cafe chains are opened 24 hours, so hey, no complaints there!


Can’t remember what cake this was 😀

It was like hm.. 9,800Won? Like $9.5AUD haha. But it was delicious! Maybe rich but definitely nice.


Long Black as the cake looked rich.

Like I said, Koreans know their brew for sure.

I think I might stop here.. so much for 3 parts, this is going to take longer than I expected – these 2 posts have only covered 2 days & nights haha. Rather, this post has only covered 1 night.. damn.. but it had food involved at least.

Next one is more to-see stuff and sights etc so I’ll keep the theme for the next one to that.

Short one it is then for this part.

EDIT: Oh wow, I realised I posted a photo of the stream without even talking about it.. next post I guess.. hopefully.


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