S.Korea Trip ’12 – Part 5

March 10th, whoops.. something got left on the back burner!

I think it was justified though, with the release of StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm and Tomb Raider I had to make sure I finished them first.. so that’s what my time has been invested in lately.

I had to flick back to the last post to check what I was planning to post on this week haha. Not a lot of photos because Daegu is such a hole (LOL don’t get mad Hans I’m just joking!).

Day 2 of Daegu:


Daegu Museum

I can’t remember too much what I did on the 19th of September.. Oh wait, no I remember now:


Some markets – forgot the name.

Think Hans recommended that I should go to these markets, not sure why, not like they sold dog meat or anything. Pfft.

That night I met his “adoptive” Korean parents (his supervisor(?) Mr. Park and his co-teacher MJ – who I still think he should get with) and we had a lovely dinner. No photos because I felt too intimidated doing so haha. Great restaurant though, bet it was expensive.

So the next day I decided to go visit the Daegu Museum during the day – was quite a nice walk.


Oh hullo there :O

Once again, didn’t know where else to get breakfast from and since the population in Daegu don’t speak English as much as the Seoul-folk I just chose a bakery since I wouldn’t need to interact much with the staff there haha (Paris Baguette – very nice). There’s just something special about Korean coffee and pastry (cake too).


Walk.. walk..

I think it took me like 30 minutes to walk or something from the closest station, can’t even remember what station that was anymore! It’s interesting how Seoul has like 5 MILLION subway lines and Daegu has.. 2. Apparently the green line has more “affluent” residents.


School excursion day it seems.

Once again, love that there are these museums available with free entry. I believe this one was a bit more historical – like further-back-than-the-Korean War type history.


Some displays.

Then again, the war memorial had some historical stuff too.. probably a lot more now that I think about it haha.


Special exhibit for the Korean War.

This was a nice exhibit, nice in the sense that it was quite gripping.


“Backyard” of the museum I suppose?

Had a bit of a walk outside before I left, was a bit curious to see what else there was around the complex.



Hmm the timestamp for that meal says 1:40PM so apparently I had Lotteria (by Lotte) for lunch that day haha. It’s quite nice actually, I don’t think I had any McDonald’s when I was in Korea (unlike my USA trip :P).. had Lotteria twice though I believe.

Hmm can’t really remember what I did the next day, probably some more wondering and random place for lunch.. really don’t remember much now on the off-days without photos! So glad I spent time taking photos.. really work well as memory cues.

So since I can’t remember what I did during the day.. that night I was planning to play badminton with Hans and his co-teacher’s (MJ) club. Yep.. brought his 2 racquets with me on this trip, anxious the whole trip as they wouldn’t let me hand carry the racquets (weapon? c’mon..).

Went all the way to play badminton with you Hans! Dinner first though.


Thunder chicken I believe.. one of Hans’ favourites.

And what better food to eat before smashing it out on the hard courts? Fried chicken of course 😉 not just 1, but 2 chickens!

I can’t remember how much this was but it’s definitely cheaper than the apparent $32AUD per chicken here in Australia. Gosh..

1 more part then I can close off this trip!






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