S.Korea Trip ’12 – Part 6 [END]

So I ended (get it!?) doubling the number of posts anticipated.. ah well. Someday I’ll learn to use photos conservatively..

It’s current 1:36AM and I should really be sleeping since I have day 2 of a badminton tournament to go to. Just don’t feel like it yet.. some of today’s competition is still playing back in my head – great experience and quite fun. However I keep thinking ‘if only..’ haha, June! June, waiting for you to come..

At least that’s one thing I can tick off for this year. Few more things to tick off for the months to come!

So I think I left the last post on badminton night – quite fitting actually. That club plays their games to 30, it’s interesting that S.Korea clubs generally only play doubles, I suppose that’s why it’s their specialty. Today’s competition for the low grades were also up to 30.. strange.

Couple of days left.. not that many photos left I believe.


Ddeokbokki – my last meal in Korea!

So I’ll club the last 2 days together. Once again, hazy memories.

I think this photo below was actually after badminton.. no that doesn’t really make sense. Maybe it was after the dinner with Hans’ colleagues – yeah should be that. We went to Dunkin’ Donuts to have a quick midnight snack I think. Either that or this was breakfast at some point.. can’t remember.


Donuts =D

I have to say.. StarBucks in Korea probably has better coffee than Dunkin’ Donuts in Korea haha.


I don’t remember this 😀

Yeah seriously, I can’t remember when I had this.. or where.. or really what it is – steak of some sort. Pretty sure it was by myself though.

So what else did I have to try in S.Korea in terms of food? Korean BBQ of course! Hans took me to one of the more popular places in Daegu for BBQ. So apparently eating BBQ alone is an even bigger no-no. Then again, does anyone do that here in Australia?

I made a few “damn tourist” mistakes, like the onion sauce on the left..


See the onion + sauce?

Well the keyword is that it’s a sauce, I didn’t realise that and started eating away at the sauce-soaked-onions which is what I thought it was (apparently it’s for dipping the meat). Hey, it was delicious. OK?!


This guy so embarrassed to take me out to eat.

Another rookie mistake I made was pick up stuff like kimchi and other sides.. we do that in AUS :(..


At least this part was OK..

Very cheap compared to here man.. it’s like $10pp for buffet style too. Crazy. Probably Australian beef too.


Outback Steakhouse.

I’ve heard that Outback Steakhouse is American (the ads in America about Outback Steakhouse are quite funny because it doesn’t really depict Australia properly.. then again.. what do they know about us?) but seriously did not expect to find it here.. in Daegu too.

Then again.. they do have TGIF.


Pool afterwards – got thrashed..

When Hans came to visit back in February I was wondering why playing pool late at night near Town Hall was reminiscent of something. After flipping through the photo album I realised we pretty much did the same thing in Korea. Well close, slightly messed up the order.

I really should give up on pool, just no good at it at all haha.


Holly’s – another chain, another 24/7 chain.

More cake and coffee – seriously can’t get over how much I love the fact their cafes are open 24/7.


Lazy Diner

Interesting name for a cafe / diner. Finally a place for breakfast! I have to retract my comment (that I think I made) that I didn’t have proper breakfast when I was in Korea. This place is apparently very popular with Hans’ US friends when they miss American food. This was the next day by the way.

Well, it was close enough! Oh, Fiona – these are the exceptions I am talking about. I guess you can count this as brunch – but I was visiting and on holidays!


Bacon, Pancakes and Eggs!!

Pretty consistent with my cafe visits in Sydney – if there’s a breakfast that had bacon and eggs I’d probably go for it. It’s always safe enough.

There was a place for nice bingsu.. instead of that icy texture you normally get, this place managed to shave it down so it felt like sheets of snow. It was so soft, fluffy and nice.


Smoothest Bingsu I’ve ever had.

Can’t remember what we did for the rest of the day – but this was the last meal we had together before I was thrown into a taxi to head back to the KTX station inbound to Seoul.


Some fancy bibimbap or something.


Katsu-don? Yeah Jap, I know.

Hmm what did I do after I got back to Seoul.. haha not much memory of it at all. Just no photos afterwards except for the first picture of my last meal.

It was a nice trip, I think though if I was to ever go again I’d like to go in winter to go snowboarding.

Otherwise I’d like to see Busan and / or Jeju Island. I think the place has a lot of nice culture and history.. definitely still a lot of food that I didn’t get to try that I’d like to try. A lot of landmarks / tourist areas I missed too.. like the “old style” villages!

..damn – perhaps another trip in the plannings 🙂





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