NBA 2013-2014 Early Predictions.

Alright so Phil asked me when I was going to write this up.. I was being lazy wasn’t planning to do it. But ironically I’m supposed to do my assignment now so I’ll procrastinate a bit (warm up my typing fingers – good reason) and type this up.

I probably won’t type as much as I did last year. 25 days till tip off, pre-season games have started and I just can’t wait. Perfect timing too since I’ll have more time!

Things we learnt from last season:

  • Indiana is a great team
  • Never rule out San Antonio
  • No one wants to play for Dallas
  • Milkwaukee has the worst looking stadium
  • Golden State is a great young team too
  • Brooklyn was built to beat the Heat – but couldn’t even get to them
  • Freakin’ Miami.. (great playoffs/finals though – such great atmosphere during those lunches – thanks guys).
  • Monta has it all

Things to expect from the upcoming season (at least for me):

  • Rose has a big season (looked good in pre-season)
  • Bulls have a GREAT season (if they all stay healthy :))
  • Rockets have a good season (if chemistry builds and no more Dwightmares)
  • East > West
  • Return of Kobe, Westbrook, Rondo

And the 8 teams + 1 wildcard team breakdown:

Western Conference:

  • Houston Rockets – team looks good, plays looked crisp in the pre-season game.. few things to work out with regards to team plays and chemistry but if they keep this up, should be a great season for them.
  • Golden State Warriors – carrying on the momentum from last year with the addition of one of my favourite players; Andre Iguodala (who I believe is one of the best defenders out there – also one of the most selfless). Watch out for those fast breaks 😉
  • LA Clippers – Doc Rivers is town, Lob City has become Doc City – no more clowning around!
  • Minnesota Timberwolves – I put these guys down every year.. and ever year they disappoint me, sigh.. but with a monster season from Nikola Pekovic and with Kevin Love possibly never doing knuckle push-ups again, perhaps we’ll see it, otherwise Kevin is leaving next year.
  • San Antonio Spurs – Tony Parker had a massive season and I doubt they’ll go away quietly after losing in their first game 7 of the finals ever.
  • Memphis Grizzlies – I’m not really a fan of watching this team plays but it’s been working for them and with management not making many major moves post-Rudy trade then I’d imagine they’ll still grit and grind their way into the playoffs.
  • Oklahoma City Thunder – this one goes without saying.. Jeremy Lamb is looking to fill the void James Harden left them in 2012-2013 that *ahem* Kevin Martin failed to fill in for. He’s shown some massive games in the summer league so hopefully he’ll give some big numbers for OKC while Westbrook is out.
  • LA Lakers – I’d imagine they’ll try their best.. I had a look over at the other teams in the conference and I think given the status of the other teams (Riggin’ for Wiggins’) – they might have a good chance.
  • Wild Card: Portland Trailblazers – I put this team last year and they FAILED! They have the Rookie of the Year (2012-2013).. hopefully they’ll get in this time..

Eastern Conference:

  • Chicago Bulls – top of the list again 😉 and I’m going to go as far as saying they’ll get to AT LEAST the Eastern Conference Finals.
  • Indiana Pacers – seeing how well their playoff run went last season and with little movement to their core, they’ll be OK to make it again – but their bench looks like it might need more depth.
  • Miami Heat – blah blah blah
  • Brooklyn Nets – seeing that their main objective is to get into the playoffs this season (and not just “Beat the Heat”) and how the owner beefed up the roster; chances look good. Depth might need another look, but if your starters blow out the score I suppose it’s OK, right?
  • New York Knicks – with the season (especially the start) they had along with the season Carmelo Anthony had (!!) they’ll make it again no problems – it’s always problems in the playoffs for them anyway.
  • Detroit Pistons – acquiring the high flying Josh Smith and the 39.4 FG%/35.4 3P% Brandon Jennings they’ll now have 3 big men running down the caught to catch his airballs – I mean alley-oop passes.
  • Cleveland Cavaliers – well Kyrie Irving had a monster season and so did Dion Waiters.. they also managed to acquire Andrew Bynum for cheap (along with his bowling skills) so hopefully it’ll work out for them
  • Washington Wizards (??) – well.. I don’t think they’re tanking this season, but that doesn’t mean they won’t suck.. I’m struggling here, I don’t know! Maybe?!
  • Wild Card: every other team in the East who isn’t tanking – oh, oh, oh! Maybe the Toronto Raptors??

As for Individual Award guesses – 3 candidates each:


  • Derrick Rose [CHI] 😛
  • LeBron James [MIA]
  • Kyrie Irving [CLE]

Defensive Player of the Year

  • Larry Sanders [MIL]
  • Serge Ibaka [OKC] -> DeAndre Jordan [LAC]
  • Roy Hibbert [IND]

Sixth Man of the Year (oh man.. who is playing the 6th this year??)

  • I might have to come back to this one..

Most Improved Player – once again, no idea, but here’s one that needs improvement 😛

  • Brandon Knight (again!) [DET]

Rookie of the Year

  • Trey Burke [UTA]
  • Ben McLemore [SAC]
  • Alex Len [PHX]

Coach of the Year

  • Doc Rivers [LAC]
  • Tom Thibodeau [CHI]
  • Frank Vogel [IND]

OK! Time to do work! 25 DAYS TO GO!


From “Posterizes” – great wallpaper site for NBA teams.


7 thoughts on “NBA 2013-2014 Early Predictions.

  1. Philip Mansour says:

    Bout time! 😛

    When you say East > West what do you mean by that? Cos if youre talking total wins – losses, i dont think so… If you mean the Heat win the championship again, thats quite possible.

    I pretty much agree with your east 8, mine is probs: Heat, Bulls, Pacers, Brooklyn, Knicks … Detroit? Toronto? I think the last spot is between Cavs, Boston and Bucks all have average teams… as long as Irving and Bynum are healthy and play well Cavs are probs best bet.

    West: Spurs, Thunder, Warriors, Clippers, Rockets, Grizzlies, Nuggets? Portland/Mavs/Lakers i guess youre right, lakers probs best out of them.

    WTF IS WRONG WITH YOUR MVP LIST?!!!?!?! The MVP list goes like this: Lebron……………..Durant…………………………………………Melo…Rose? (maybe?)

    6th man: I guess jamal crawford is frontrunner assuming j.r. smith isnt playing 6th man. Ginobili always in the picture. maybe jarrett jack? I always assume point guards/shooting guards are the most likely to be 6th men.

    Agree with your defensive man, lebron maybe in the question? Ive got no idea about most improved, rookie or coach yet.

    • sukari89 says:

      LOL so angry.

      East > West in the sense that the teams on the Eastern Conference this year are looking much stronger than previous seasons.. think about all the big powerhouse moves from West->East.

      West will still have some exceptions of course, but overall I think Eastern Conference will be stronger.

      It’s hard to guess the last few spots this year because so many teams are tanking. Detroit looks good but I get this feeling they might fall apart haha.. Toronto has a good set with good young players + Rudy Gay so we’ll see. Boston say they’re not tanking but I still think they’re tanking..

      As for the Nuggets.. as a fan I’d like to see them make it but new coach + no Iggy + no Koufos + MCGEE STARTING CENTER x.X.. we’ll see, they do have Nate Robinson though 🙂 fastest backcourt with him + Lawson so the games will still be good to watch.

      Hahaha nah Durant didn’t show me what a MVP should when Westbrook was out. We’ll see though, he says he’s sick of being second after all.

      Not always.. like Lakers had Lamar as 6th man, but it depends.. I think it’s not determined/solidified yet – I even made a thread about it to ask coz I really just had no idea: – some interesting suggestions.

      22 more days!

  2. Phil says:

    Meh, still cant see how East will be stronger. Last season West had 9 teams with above .500 seasons and the mavs had an exactly .500 season. Comparatively the East had 7 above .500, one of which was Boston who scraped over with 41 wins and 40 losses (they played 1 game less than everyone cos they were meant to play the Pacers when the marathon got bombed…so they could quite well have lost that one with the form the Pacers were in). In my list i came up with the top 5 in the east easily, for the east i came up with the top 6 easily. So i’m still not convinced by your reasoning.

    mannn bit critical of durant, you put MJ on that thunder team and watch him crash and burn, nothing durant could have done. Durant had a 50-40-90 season, and put up overall stats that werent too far behind lebron, i know melo was the only player other than lebron to get an MVP vote last year, but everyone knows durant was 2nd best player in the league and a mile better than the rest of the field.

    interesting suggestions for 6th man, yeah mo williams should be a chance, and another reason i think blazers are a chance at playoffs now they have a bit of depth. Yeah mo shouldnt start, Lillard and Batum certainly starters, Mo will only start if they want to go smaller lineup. Actually a tough year to pick, lots of good 6th men. My picks now: J.R Smith > Jamal Crawford > Jarrett Jack/Ginobili/Nate Robinson

  3. Phil says:

    Btw your comment about Durant not showing enough MVP hustle when Westbrook went down got me interested in how well he actually did do, cause i’d forgotten.

    So Westbrick went down in the 1st game against Houston, OKC won that series 4-2 then lost 4-1 against The Griz with ZBo and Gasol tearing up OKC soft and gooey center (the great kendrick perkins never stepped up…). That gave Durant 10 games without him. In those games here are his main stats:

    Against Houston:
    1: 41 points from 30 shots, 14 rebounds, 4 assists (hmmm only 4 assists, pretty bad game)
    2: 38 points from 16 shots, 8 rebounds, 6 assists (6…i guess thats better)
    3: 27 points from 23 shots, 8 rebounds, 6 assists (no improvement from last game.. AND less than 30 points… why did he bother to show up if hes not going to try?)
    4: 36 from 23 shots, 7 rebounds, 7 assists (what, he cant get an extra assist without losing a rebound? no hustle…)
    5: 27 from 23 shots, 8 rebounds, 6 assists (clearly he was just putting in enough to repeat his woeful game 3 performance….unimpressive)

    so pretty shit on the whole against houston.

    Against Griz:
    1: 35 points from 26 shots, 15 rebounds, 6 assists (he missed both his 3pt attempts in this game, matt bonner wouldnt have missed them… if only he could be more like matt bonner…)
    2: 36 points from 21 shots, 11 rebounds, 9 assists (when is he going to get a triple double already?!? ….serious lack of hustle)
    3: 25 points from 19 shots, 11 rebounds, 5 assists (truly pathetic)
    4: 27 points from 27 shots, 7 rebounds, 7 assists (i think hes given up his will to live at this point)
    5: 21 points from 21 shots, 8 rebounds, 6 assists (definitely given up his will to live. maybe the worst stats any basketball player has ever produced)

    yep…. he certainly isnt mvp material with those stats… next season hopefully he will finally be able to average the 40pts, 15 rebounds, 10 assists (while getting double teamed), that you demand of him 😛

    • sukari89 says:

      Haha hey hey I didn’t say he had not enough hustle, I’m just saying he’s not good enough yet without Westbrook.

      We’ll see though, I was to see OKC do well but ever since they got rid of Harden and refuse to get rid of Perkins 😦

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